Lanner Ready to Offer LTE Certified, FirstNet-Ready Wireless Gateways

FirstNet Next-gen emergency communications network. hardware platforms for critical communications and services.

The evolution of emergency services is now spearheaded by this year’s deployment of a nation-wide public-safety dedicated network known as FirstNet. This critical network reserves 20Mhz out of the valuable 700 Mhz frequency range due to the obstacle penetrating power this frequency affords. FirstNet was developed to provide mission critical communications and emergency services the …

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Emergency Services: The edge case for edge computing

Augmented reality , real time analytics data feeds

Emergency services are rapidly evolving to catch up with modern technologies like Augmented Reality and smartphone advanced mobile location (AML) services. Critical services are making use of a nationwide critical access network that’s been in development since 2012, built exclusively for emergency services under the name FirstNet. This network is set to enable the mission-critical …

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Why Multi-Access Edge Computing is the future

Most modern devices, applications and services make extensive use of cloud computing resources (data centers, CDN’s). Nearly all hardware leveraged in cloud computing is composed primarily of: CPU’s, GPU’s, RAM, Network interfaces and non-volatile storage; all of these are the essential building blocks of modern cloud computing. But there’s much more to computing, especially networks, …

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4 Edge Computing Technologies Enabling IoT-Ready Network Infrastructure

IoT - The Internet of Things

Networks around the world are going through a massive transformation in which edge computing devices and edge infrastructure development hold a key role. This edge revolution is to leverage the potential of IoT that will be unleashed on the back of 5G roll out in future not so far. Groundbreaking technologies and solutions evolving in …

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5G and Smart Farming IoT – Promise of Making the World Green Again

Who wouldn’t agree that if there is one sector that we all as human race really need to become more efficient and prosperous using all the possible technologies such as IoT, it’s the Agriculture sector. It is directly connected with how prosperous and peaceful we are as societies as well as nation states. 5G networks …

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Edge Data Center Networks key to Industrial 5G Applications

Edge data center networks

5G networks will enable some of the most disruptive Industrial IoT applications that will shape our society and industry in a big way over the next decade; and it would not be able to do so without setting up edge data center networks that will extend the required computational horsepower within close proximity to the …

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Key Role of Network Slicing in 5G Network Enablement

network slicing

5G is the next step in wireless telecommunications standards. Through the evolution of communications technologies and the advancement of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, communications networks need to be both ultra-reliable and flexible so as to adequately meet the needs of applications and data transfer requirements. It is estimated that, by the year …

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5G Networks And Their Impact On The Internet Of Things

5G networks

With the number of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) set to top 20 billion by the year 2020, the wireless mobile internet networks that enable these will need to be improved upon in order to handle such an increase in numbers. This is where 5G networks will come into play. As the …

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v-RAN a crucial step for SDN/NFV and 5G

Network functions virtualization (NFV) has forever changed carrier cloud computing and networking, emerging as a truly flexible, scalable, manageable and open network implementation. Efforts to implement this game-changing technology began in the core networks of service providers, eventually reaching the network edge where minimal latencies can create a plethora of new services and application previously …

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Small-medium enterprise: indoor coverage with virtualized small cells

Indoor coverage for buildings has always been spotty ate best, even with the ideal obstacle-penetrating frequency bands some 4g-LTE carriers operate at. Concrete, glass and steel are all materials that impede wireless communications, as a result the DAS (Distributed Antenna System) market has continued to flourish for in-building coverage.  In-building wireless coverage is widely coveted, …

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