5G and Smart Farming IoT – Promise of Making the World Green Again

Who wouldn’t agree that if there is one sector that we all as human race really need to become more efficient and prosperous using all the possible technologies such as IoT, it’s the Agriculture sector. It is directly connected with how prosperous and peaceful we are as societies as well as nation states. 5G networks …

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AI and Machine Vision Redefining Precision Agriculture

Agriculture is arguably one of the largest industries in the world and one which is always at the forefront in adopting technological advances to improve its efficiency and future preparedness. To this end, precision agriculture, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine vision all share the same goal, to enhance and improve farming operations. In this article, …

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Farming Labor Shortage: Can Computer Vision Guided Robots fill the gap?

Computer Vision Guided Farm Robots

Image: Case IH Agriculture sector is confronted with a number of growing challenges which makes adoption of modern technologies such as Farming Robots and IoT enabled Agriculture Automation an imperative. Agriculture in the US that used be one of the major employers is now facing a fast decline in farm laborers. Lesser number of young …

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