Software-Defined Networks, IoT and Next-Generation Infrastructure

📋 Types of Motherboard Form Factors

In a nutshell, the motherboard form factor indicates the shape and size specifications of the board. The form factor also determines additional parameters such as the casing, power supply, mounting holes, and overall physical layout. The first form factor dates back to 1983. At that time, IBM built the personal computer XT and since the

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AI Starter Kit Solution for Edge Analytics from Lanner

The massive amount of data generated by Industrial IoT devices, from cameras to sensors, must be processed in real-time. Although stored data is useful for insights and predictions, when it comes to mission-critical Industrial production and monitoring, data must be processed and analyzed right there. However, it is very challenging to analyze critical data on-premises

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NCR-1567: IP 67 IIoT Gateway with 5G and Wi-Fi 6 Support

Our current infrastructure, including WAN deployments and traditional networking equipment, is not capable of handling the massive amount of data generated by IoT and IIoT devices. The amount of data can easily overwhelm any legacy WAN deployment. To make cities or factories “Smart” data must also be backed up by the right technology to transport

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Solar PV Monitoring Solution with LEC-7242

Inevitably, solar power panels will fail. One way or the other, dust will start to accumulate on panels, micro-cracks will start to appear, degradation, corrosion, snails will leave their tracks, all of this (and more), will lower the energy output. Monitoring the solar PV farms, their components, and the connections between them are critical for

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uCPE-based SD-WAN Solution by Lanner

Network virtualization is changing the rules of how services are delivered. Network applications can now be delivered to the cloud, data center, or at the edge from a central location and through different connections. SD-WAN is one of those virtualization (software-based) technologies capable of delivering virtualized resources to the WAN, whether connections are broadband or

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