Software-Defined Networks, IoT and Next-Generation Infrastructure

Internet Bonding Appliance Solution

Bonding routers combine two or more Internet connections. These routers do, what in the networking world, is referred to as link aggregation. Other names used within this context are bandwidth bonding, channel bonding, and WAN bonding. There are two very significant benefits of using an Internet Bonding Appliance: improving bandwidth where a single connection might

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Police Car Surveillance Camera System with V3S

Ironically one of the reasons why the police department would be pushed to install police in-car surveillance camera systems on all their patrolling units was not necessarily to deter and reduce theft and vandalism. But it was actually a requirement by the governments in order to provide 24×7 with video evidence. Video is fantastic for

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Intelligent Tank Monitoring System

The purpose of intelligent tank monitoring systems is to keep track of the tank’s content level with metrics like temperature and pressure. These systems use a combination of state-of-the-art communication’s technology and intelligent edge analytics. A remote tank monitoring solution lets you keep track of the tank liquid’s level and temperature from anywhere in the

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Software-Defined Video Solution for Live Broadcast

A couple of years ago, people relied more on cable or satellite TV than on live streaming over IP. While watching a Saturday-night football game on their Internet-based live broadcast platform with a “few seconds delay,” they would get their game ruined when hearing the neighbors cheering for a touchdown on their old cable TV.

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Remote Monitoring Solution for 3D Printers

The first time a 3D-printed metal part was used on a commercial aircraft was back in 2014. At that time, the Airbus company produced a titanium bracket on a 3D printer and installed it on an Airbus test aircraft. Thanks to that successful rapid prototype created by Airbus, the entire industry begun to evolve. Ensuring

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Lanner Solutions for SBC (Session Border Controller) Appliance

The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a robust and feature-rich signaling mechanism for controlling voice, video, and messaging sessions. Most Real-Time Communications (RTC) use this protocol to establish communication between hosts. But the SIP protocol doesn’t come without challenges. Although SIP vendors follow compliance, they create systems that are not compatible with each other. This

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