The Latest Updates on COVID-19

On, May 15, The Taiwan Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) raised the COVID-19 alert for Taipei and New Taipei cities to Level 3 after a record high of daily domestic cases in the past few days. To react to the dramatic increase of domestic COVID-19 cases in Taiwan, Lanner has adopted a number of new policies to make sure employee safety and business operations, beginning May 17, 2021, including:

  • We’ve established the “COVID-19 Emergency Response Team”, led by Lanner COO, to closely monitor employee’s health status.
  • To ensure operations and communications remain as usual, while minimizing human contact, we’ve started to implement in-office rotation shifts for 14 days, with Group A working in the office and Group B working from home.
  • New social distancing policy has been implemented for employees working in the office. Employee seating will be spaced out and will work in additional offices to ensure social distancing. Employees will not be allowed to move between offices floors to further decrease human contact.
  • We are suspending any external business travel or any visits from other companies
  • All meetings will go virtual via Microsoft Teams. VPN connection has been established for secure connection from remote workforces.

For manufacturing facilities, Lanner have also implemented the following new measures to mitigate any impacts on your supply chain, including;

  • We have adjusted our employees to be scheduled into day shifts and night shifts to minimize contact and facilities will be disinfected daily between shifts. Currently we are processing orders without any interruptions and full manpower are available as normal.
  • Employees have been restricted from moving between Zhong-xin and Da-tong facilities (to further decrease human contact).

Current Lanner Production Capacity


Zhong-xin / Datong Factory – New Taipei City

Production Facilities

3 X SMT Lines, 2 X DIP Lines , 5 X Assembly Lines, Warehouse

Operation Status

Normal (Day/Night Shifts)

Production Capacity %


If you have any specific questions, please discuss with your account representative and we’ll work diligently on your concerns. Lanner will continue to provide regular updates and communicate any relevant changes as they come to light.

Stay safe.