Software-Defined Networks, IoT and Next-Generation Infrastructure

SD-Stores: White Box Appliances Revolutionizing the Retail Edge

Retail stores usually rely on a back and front-end complex IT environment. Software and hardware on-site working together to make a store run, from Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, inventory management software, payment controller, networking, etc. Running a single store and managing all those IT resources is doable, but when a retail company has hundreds or thousands

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LEC-7242: Making Edge Computing Available In Remote Areas

Introduction In order to build the largest edge cloud network in rural environments, network-as-a-service providers utilize edge computing and wireless technology to bring the capabilities and advantages of the cloud with IoT and AI to the remote and hard-to-reach rural areas. Such ambitious undertaking demanded open, scalable, and programmable network and edge gateways as these

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Passenger Information System Solution for Rail Transport

Today, ridesharing companies Uber and Lyft are putting a dent in the whole transportation industry. They already disrupted the Taxi industry and are still looking towards becoming a substitute for public transportation. Although the train is an entirely different field within transportation, it is also facing similar competition from such providers. Some passengers prefer the

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Network Video Transcoder Solution for IP Streaming

If streaming multimedia services want to reach broad audiences, including those without access to fast Internet and the right technology, they need to employ adaptive streaming. Delivering video streams to any device through any bandwidth requires adapting the video formats, encoding, and resolution. The foundation for successful adaptive streaming is transcoding, which is the process

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Multi-bitrate Streaming Solution

The biggest streaming companies, Youtube and Netflix, use a combination of Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) and Multi-bitrate (MBR) streaming on their video players. On the one hand, ABR streaming sets the media quality in “Auto.” It gives less control over the streaming bitrates and resolution settings to the viewer. ABR adapts the video’s quality to the

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