Software-Defined Networks, IoT and Next-Generation Infrastructure

CNC Machine Monitoring Solution with LTE Failover

Manufacturers monitor CNC machines mainly to keep track of their efficient work time and count the units produced. Additional monitoring tasks may also include keeping an eye on the machine’s operational status and looking for deficient and worn out parts that could lead to significant overhauls. A comprehensive CNC monitoring solution should leverage novel smart

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Edge Computing Appliances from Lanner

An edge computing appliance performs resource-intensive processes or analysis at or near the source of the data. It solves the need for IoT and IIoT devices to be continually sending data to the cloud or remote data centers for further processing and analysis. An edge computing appliance brings the power of the cloud to you.

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Security Camera Systems for Cannabis Grow Ops and Dispensaries

A few years back, cannabis operations meant growing a couple of illegal plants in a basement under an LED light. But now, the entire market is booming and shifting into a legitimate industry. Today, many states within the US and Canada have a significant number of licensed large-scale companies growing recreational and medical cannabis. But

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LEC-2290: Industrial GPU Computer Powering the Edge AI

AI algorithms, especially within the field of Machine Learning (ML), need lots of data. The more quantity and relevant data, the faster and more precise these algorithms will be. But processing lots of data is no easy task. The computing power required to process massive volumes of data and build an efficient AI system is

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Vector Packet Processing brings scalable gigabit network functions to whitebox CPEs

Since the advent of whitebox networking, implementations have struggled in high-throughput scenarios (3Gbps/4Mpps+), with 10Gigabit solutions needing more than 20 cores to push full-duplex linerate IPSec .This is due to kernel inefficiencies (system interrupts vs polling) and unoptimized software unable to scale after a certain threshold. However modern userspace solutions built on top of the

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SD-Stores: White Box Appliances Revolutionizing the Retail Edge

Retail stores usually rely on a back and front-end complex IT environment. Software and hardware on-site working together to make a store run, from Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, inventory management software, payment controller, networking, etc. Running a single store and managing all those IT resources is doable, but when a retail company has hundreds or thousands

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