NCR-1567: IP 67 IIoT Gateway with 5G and Wi-Fi 6 Support

Our current infrastructure, including WAN deployments and traditional networking equipment, is not capable of handling the massive amount of data generated by IoT and IIoT devices. The amount of data can easily overwhelm any legacy WAN deployment.

To make cities or factories “Smart” data must also be backed up by the right technology to transport it, process it, and analyze it instantly.

Lanner’s NCR-1567 is an Industrial IP67 ruggedized gateway with support for 5G and WiFi-6 and optimized for IoT, SD-WAN, and network edge. The NCR-1567 can integrate and aggregate data from IoT devices at the edge, reducing latency and the need for higher bandwidth. The NCR-1567 also runs SD-WAN to connect network services like MPLS, Internet, and broadband together and improve network reliability. The device is also extremely rugged and may work under extreme outdoor conditions.

Why is SD-WAN Essential for IoT? [Industrial SD-WAN]

The data collected by IoT sensors needs to be processed in real-time, or at least near real-time depending on the use case. Once collected, it is sent to a cloud-based monitoring station or high-end where agents can visually analyze it, or run analytics to make faster decisions.

But without the right networking infrastructure, the data collected by these IoT endpoints can’t be easily and reliably sent to remote resources.

SD-WAN is one of those key technologies that can help improve IoT communication. 

  • Real-Time Network Visibility. Knowing the status of the entire network is key. Problem resolution is faster, and even optimization can be applied by just getting data from the IoT application.
  • WAN technologies like MPLS are too rigid. Adapting MPLS to changing network conditions entails higher costs and time. Instead, SD-WAN provides a centralized management that can give better agility to adapt to the increasing number of connected IoT and IIoT devices, applications, and users.
  • Higher Bandwidth Capacity. The industry can use cheaper and more flexible connection types than just MPLS. As traffic volume changes, the WAN connections can adapt. With SD-WAN, the type of transport (MPLS, 4G, 5G, VPN, etc.) can be mixed and matched based on the availability of bandwidth.
  • IoT devices increase the attack surface. Segmenting IoT’s network, and separating it from other application traffic, reduces the attack surface. If there is an attack, such as DDoS that causes a WAN link to fail, traffic can still flow.

An SD-WAN industrial IP67 ruggedized switch can provide all these benefits to IoT at challenging scenarios like factories and cities.

The Rugged Router for IoT/IIoT and SD-WAN

The Lanner NCR-1567 is a rugged IP67 network appliance designed for IoT, SD-WAN, and uCPE. It allows service providers to deploy SD-WAN services across challenging and extreme environments. Additionally, it also provides gateway capabilities and data aggregation for IoT and Industrial IoT devices.

Tough on the Outside, and Tough on the Inside

On the outside? The NCR-1567 comes with IP67 compliance, which proves that this industrial ruggedized switch is hardened to survive some of the most challenging environments. It comes with the right electrical enclosure to protect sensitive inner electrical workings from unexpected outdoor conditions. The NCR-1567 is also compliant with MIL-STD-810G, a Military Standard that tests devices through a wide range of environmental conditions, like wide temperatures, low pressure, shock, humidity, fungus, salt fogs, vibration, leakage, and more.

On the inside? The IP67 ruggedized appliance is powered by an Intel Atom® C3000 processor, which offers amazing levels of high-speed I/O for IoT and networking solutions. The processor also includes Intel® QuickAssist Technology designed to accelerate and compress cryptographic workloads.

An Outdoors Rugged Router that Supports 5G and WiFi 6

NCR-1567 is an Industrial rugged IoT gateway to support 5G and WiFi 6 wireless. These two advanced wireless technologies were released at the right time when support for IoT started to scale. Both technologies provide a high data rate to increase the network capacity and connect more users and IoT devices.

The NCR-1567 Outstanding Features

  • IP67-Compliant: IP67 is a standard that proves a device’s protection against intrusion from solids (such as dust, sand, and dirt) and water. An IP67 device is capable of operating under challenging environmental conditions, where it is exposed to constant dust and splashes of water.
  • MIL-STD-810G Compliant: Operates under 40~70°C temperature and 5~90% Humidity (RH).
  • Support of 5G and Wi-Fi 6 Wireless. The appliance comes with expansion sockets (M.2 304(5)2 B Key and M.2 2230 E Key) for support of 5G and WiFi 6.
  • Rich Network: Four GbE LAN port with SR-IOV and two GbE POE+

The NCR-1567 In Action

First, NCR-1567 serves as an IoT gateway; it can connect IoT sensors, process and aggregate data, and forward it to other networks. WiFi 6 and 5G wireless technologies can improve IoT’s radio range, enhance their bandwidth, and lower latency.

Second, the NCR-1567 edge device can be deployed with VNF SD-WAN and run as an SD-WAN edge— SD-WAN can be deployed on NCR-1567, and be strategically placed at branch WAN, or closest to where sensors are gathering data. This means the cities and industries do not need to upgrade the entire physical WAN infrastructure. The SD-WAN fits perfectly because it provides the right network fabric to interconnect all nodes. SD-WAN is a transport-agnostic technology, which can run as an overlay into any physical network infrastructure, including MPLS.

Examples of Use Cases

Below are some examples of (but not limited to) use cases of the NCR-1567 IIoT gateway.

Edge Gateways for Smart Cities

One of the best use cases for the NCR-1567 IP67 IIoT router is smart cities. First, it serves as a wireless IoT access point to integrate and aggregate data from all city’s IoT endpoints. Its support for 5G and WiFi6 and its durability to withstand the outdoors, makes the NCR-1567 a perfect fit for smart city projects like traffic management, smart lighting, water treatment, etc. Additionally, the NCR-1567 serves as an SD-WAN edge to connect to SD-WAN controllers. That means, cities don’t have to upgrade or change their traditional WAN infrastructure to forward massive IoT data from branches.

Industrial Router for Manufacturing Environments

Another use case for the NCR-1567 is as an industrial IoT ruggedized gateway for challenging manufacturing environments. First, every branch manufacturing plant can integrate data collected from their IIoT devices, and use the SD-WAN edge to prioritize traffic from sensitive IoT devices. SD-WAN provides many benefits to the manufacturing industry.

Industrial IoT gateway for the Offshore and Marine Industry

Oil rigs and shipping ports can also benefit from a ruggedized IP67 switch. These places frequently face challenging weather conditions — changes in temperature, splashes of water, humidity levels, corrosion, etc. Plus, bringing a reliable network connection to these places is not easy. The NCR-1567, IP67 IIoT gateway with 5G and WiFi-6 is capable of withstanding these conditions while providing the best wireless capabilities to forward data collected to an on-shore remote server.

Next Steps

For more information on NCR-1567, rugged IP67 Wireless edge appliance for Industrial SD-WAN, IoT, and edge, please contact Lanner’s sales representative.


Photo by Takashi Watanabe on Unsplash

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