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Retail recognition digital signage

Recognition Systems in Digital Signage for Retail

Digital signage is a common feature in retail businesses across the world, be it giant digital billboards or smaller, poster-sized displays on store walls. Modern digital signage systems take advantage of cloud computing and Internet of Things to enable them to display high-quality visuals and animated content while also being able to change them at […]

Computer Vision Guided Farm Robots

Farming Labor Shortage: Can Computer Vision Guided Robots fill the gap?

Image: Case IH Agriculture sector is confronted with a number of growing challenges which makes adoption of modern technologies such as Farming Robots and IoT enabled Agriculture Automation an imperative. Agriculture in the US that used be one of the major employers is now facing a fast decline in farm laborers. Lesser number of young […]

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Cloud-Based Oil Well Video Monitoring Solutions

Advancements in wireless communication infrastructures and cloud computing have created new possibilities for remote asset monitoring and management. Cloud based oil well video monitoring is one great example of how this technology made remote site supervision a competitive advantage instead of a liability. Gone are the days of on-site commercial grade DVR and NVR systems […]

How Will AI Enhance Video Surveillance Capabilities?

Video surveillance has been a prominent feature in a large portion of security set ups for decades now. Over the years, video surveillance has taken many forms. Traditional closed circuit television (CCTV) recorded video footage to video tapes that could then be played back using a video player. Then came DVRs and digital video recording […]

Smart Home Gateway

Intel based Smart Home Gateway and Other Smart Home Technologies

  With the enormous growth of the consumer IoT Market and cheapening sensors, the number of connected devices at smart home have increased and we see an increasing need for more advanced smart home gateway solutions to centralize and secure management of different applications. Smart meters, motion-controlled lighting, smart appliances, heating, and biometric security systems […]

Fourth Generation SCADA

Fourth Generation SCADA Systems: Modernizing Remote Industrial Monitoring

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems have been around for over 40 years now and have allowed a plethora of industries to enhance and improve their management, monitoring, and control processes with the help of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Industrial PC’s (IPC’s). Modern SCADA systems are currently being transformed by the advent of […]

Internet of Things Security: Protecting Connected Devices

One of the main issues often associated with the predicted increase in connected devices is the growing number of attack vectors these devices potential have. While increased functionality, mobility, and reliability is welcomed by most, it does create more potentially exploitable components in a network. In an age where cyber attacks are becoming more and […]

The Rising Role of Autonomous Security Robots in Physical Security

Recent developments in robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and wireless communications technology have brought forth advances in security and surveillance solutions in the form of autonomous security robots and surveillance drones. These futuristic security and surveillance solutions are gradually being adopted by companies in several industries across the globe. Security is a top concern for many […]