Why Tiger Lake Powered Industrial Embedded Computer is a good fit for Edge AI

Applying AI to Industry 4.0 would introduce opportunities to ignite (or improve) smart factories, automation, predictive maintenance, computer vision, or robotics. But, AI is often found in the cloud, far away from where data is generated and stored. Without ultra-fast broadband technology like 5G or high-end network infrastructure, taking and receiving data for enterprise-level AI …

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The All-Important School Bus Video Surveillance

School Bus Video Surveillance

Every morning around the world, millions of children use school buses as their primary means of transportation to and from school, and these numbers look likely to grow. With carbon reducing initiatives that attempt to reduce the numbers of cars on the road in place in many countries, the use of shared and public transportation …

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Police Car NVR – comparing IP vs analog option

car NVR

Deployment of Police Car NVR systems over the years has resulted in greater professionalism from officers and reduction in lawsuits based on baseless claims saving millions of dollars to the law enforcement authorities. Recording the events that take place during police interactions with the public or when responding to crimes taking place is of critical …

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