Rugged Industrial IoT Gateway for ICS/OT Security

Rugged Industrial IoT Gateway for ICS-OT Security

In 2018, the U.S. Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency released a report (Alert-TA18074A) describing a Russian hacking campaign to infiltrate U.S.’s critical infrastructure, including power plants, nuclear generators, and water facilities. Hackers could have disrupted or shut down power plants or other critical U.S. infrastructure, but they didn’t take it that far. According to UtilityDive, …

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Why Multi-Access Edge Computing is the future

Most modern devices, applications and services make extensive use of cloud computing resources (data centers, CDN’s). Nearly all hardware leveraged in cloud computing is composed primarily of: CPU’s, GPU’s, RAM, Network interfaces and non-volatile storage; all of these are the essential building blocks of modern cloud computing. But there’s much more to computing, especially networks, …

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4 frightening attacks insecure IoT devices can enable today

Internet of Things powered Distributed Denial of Service Attacks cripple critical internet Domain Name Servers

The internet is abuzz with exciting innovations in technology, its minimization, automation capacity and the myriad re-applications of older technologies now enhanced with modern communications advances. But this comes with significant security concerns, as now most of our devices, appliances and even light-bulbs are becoming internet-facing liabilities. Cars, pacemakers, heart-monitors, webcams, smartphones, GPS and wireless …

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How to find a Secure, Reliable & Trusted Hardware Vendor, OEM/ODM.

Compromised server boards, system management chips and backdoors

News reports and the several ongoing investigations of alleged hardware backdoors/vulnerabilities found in several mass-produced computer hardware suppliers leave many security professionals increasingly concerned about their hardware. According to US intelligence, it has become incredibly difficult, if not impossible in practice, to effectively audit modern computer hardware that may have been tampered with – even …

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Reviewing 3D Machine Vision and Its Applications in the Industry 4.0 Age


With technological innovation occurring at a faster rate than ever before, many once expensive technologies are being made significantly cheaper. And nowhere is this more true than in the field of 3D machine vision. While machine vision is no new technological development, the emergence of cheaper 3D imaging cameras and sensors has recently been the …

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Predictive Maintenance 4.0 reshaping rolling stock Asset Management

Cornerstone of the 4th industrial revolution, predictive maintenance 4.0 is a fast growing market of IoT-enabled intelligent sensors and data communication technologies built for machine condition monitoring applications. In any industry, extending the lifespan of your equipment and tools is a great way of cutting down on waste and can save businesses money by reducing …

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9 IoT & 5G predictions for 2017

IoT Network Edge Appliances /Gateway

2016 has been a great year for internet-enabled and embedded technology (the essence of IoT), and with ‘17 just around the corner it’s a good time to take a look at some of the Internet-empowered technologies that are soon to emerge, where they stand and the great changes they could bring with them.     …

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IoT Gateways erase the line between OT and IT

The Internet of Things has become an unstoppable wave threatening to transform all devices with Internet-enabling technology. In large deployments (i.e. industrial automation), where thousands of sensors constantly supply information, this has created a need for gateways capable of communicating in various low-power wireless technologies (Zigbee, Bluetooth LE, etc.), as well as collecting and processing …

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IoT gives predictive maintenance the boost it needs to launch industry 4.0

Vibration IoT sensor

Predictive maintenance techniques are getting ready to develop beyond human-assisted inspection and correction, into self-maintaining and eventually self-sufficient machines. Industry 3.0 brought information technology into automation, now industry 4.0 is set to take technology further to leverage advantages from things like Big Data, virtualization, cloud and the IoT(Internet of Things). For manufacturing the IoT is …

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