Why Multi-Access Edge Computing is the future

Most modern devices, applications and services make extensive use of cloud computing resources (data centers, CDN’s). Nearly all hardware leveraged in cloud computing is composed primarily of: CPU’s, GPU’s, RAM, Network interfaces and non-volatile storage; all of these are the essential building blocks of modern cloud computing. But there’s much more to computing, especially networks, …

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Smart Cities empowered by IoT sensor networks (Infographic)

IoT sensors distributed across a smart city

With IoT sensor networks starting to develop, the Smart cities of the future are set to become reality. By blurring the lines between our physical world and cyber systems we can greatly increase our leverage of machines and computing capabilities to help facilitate and automate every aspect of our lives. The IoT Sensors The actual …

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The 3 Greatest Emerging Cyber Threats

emerging cyber threats in 2017

Connecting more and more services and devices to the internet sets the stage for the smart cities of the future, but at the same time it creates dangerous new opportunities for cyber criminals. 1. DDOS – Distributed Denial of Service Attacks Even without 6-figure zero-day exploits and nation-state resources, hackers can employ easily-attainable botnets powered …

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