Accelerated Firewall Software on DPDK-ready x86 Hardware Platforms

high performance software x86 packet processing

Virtualization has massively evolved cloud computing and computer networking, with VNF’s now available and sufficient for many network functions previously performed through dedicated hardware. Yet even today, achieving the near real-time performance expected of networking hardware is a still challenge for virtualized network functions typically running on open compute x86-based network hardware. Firewalls and intrusion …

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Why Multi-Access Edge Computing is the future

Most modern devices, applications and services make extensive use of cloud computing resources (data centers, CDN’s). Nearly all hardware leveraged in cloud computing is composed primarily of: CPU’s, GPU’s, RAM, Network interfaces and non-volatile storage; all of these are the essential building blocks of modern cloud computing. But there’s much more to computing, especially networks, …

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4 frightening attacks insecure IoT devices can enable today

Internet of Things powered Distributed Denial of Service Attacks cripple critical internet Domain Name Servers

The internet is abuzz with exciting innovations in technology, its minimization, automation capacity and the myriad re-applications of older technologies now enhanced with modern communications advances. But this comes with significant security concerns, as now most of our devices, appliances and even light-bulbs are becoming internet-facing liabilities. Cars, pacemakers, heart-monitors, webcams, smartphones, GPS and wireless …

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How to find a Secure, Reliable & Trusted Hardware Vendor, OEM/ODM.

Compromised server boards, system management chips and backdoors

News reports and the several ongoing investigations of alleged hardware backdoors/vulnerabilities found in several mass-produced computer hardware suppliers leave many security professionals increasingly concerned about their hardware. According to US intelligence, it has become incredibly difficult, if not impossible in practice, to effectively audit modern computer hardware that may have been tampered with – even …

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10 Cyber Security Predictions for 2018 – Is your IT/OT Network Ready?

There are so many predictions for 2018 when it comes to cyber security. Gathering them all would make an endless list. So let’s focus on the ones that are more likely to happen. GDPR will be effective in May 25th in the European Union. Programmers and engineers are working on developing ways to stop or …

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