Could Blockchain Security Be an Effective Strategy Against APT38-Type Cyber Heists?

The speeding progression of networked technologies has seen a rise in both the number of vulnerabilities within a system and an increase in both the number and sophistication of the tools used to take advantage of them. Companies managing financial and personal data of millions of clients, companies such as commercial banks, are looking at …

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9 IoT Security Trends to Watch for in 2018

iot security trends

IoT technologies are now fast becoming part of most activities and functions we perform as individuals, organizations or as societies, creating ever increasing number of benefits for everyone across the board. But its very basic characteristic of connecting every thing on the internet for achieving automation and efficiency, brings with it the increasing risk of …

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How Is Blockchain Transforming Future Landscape of Cyber Security

Blockchain cybersecurity

In today’s day and age, it is fairly likely that you’ll have heard of bitcoin, a relatively recently created digital cryptocurrency. However, it is a little less likely that you will have heard of blockchain technology, although, if this is the case, it will most likely not be that way for long. With the value …

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Rise in HTTPS Phishing Attacks and What It Means for Your Cyber Security

Over this year alone there has been a huge push for websites to enable secure communications over the internet through the adoption of HTTPS. This has amounted in a not insignificant increase in the number of websites using HTTPS as, according to statistics from Let’s Encrypt, 65% of the webpages that were loaded by the …

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10 Cyber Security Predictions for 2018 – Is your IT/OT Network Ready?

There are so many predictions for 2018 when it comes to cyber security. Gathering them all would make an endless list. So let’s focus on the ones that are more likely to happen. GDPR will be effective in May 25th in the European Union. Programmers and engineers are working on developing ways to stop or …

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