Cyber Security – Part 1: An Introduction to Cyber Security

Cyber Security and SD-WAN

We live in an age where, unfortunately, it is essential for us all to be adequately protected from the various dangers we, and our devices and networks, may encounter online. In order to combat these cyber threats, the cyber security industry is working tirelessly to try and outpace those that may wish to do harm …

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5 Cyber Threats Currently Faced by the Financial Sector 

Cyber Security threats to the financial sector have grown and diversified over the years. A key critical infrastructure of our economy, financial services and banking sector are among the most lucrative targets for hackers looking to gain financially from their exploits. Financial institutions today are looking at cutting edge methods and tools to stay ahead …

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How Is Blockchain Transforming Future Landscape of Cyber Security

Blockchain cybersecurity

In today’s day and age, it is fairly likely that you’ll have heard of bitcoin, a relatively recently created digital cryptocurrency. However, it is a little less likely that you will have heard of blockchain technology, although, if this is the case, it will most likely not be that way for long. With the value …

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Predicting and Managing the Threats Through Adaptive Cyber Security

adaptive cyber security

In an age where cyber security threats are an unfortunate everyday fact of life, cyber security systems are consistently being pushed to their limits by the new and evolving methods employed by hackers and others cyber threats. Organizations today are looking for solutions that enable them to predict, prepare and react proactively to the shifting …

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5 Common Vulnerabilities in Industrial Control Systems

Industrial Control Systems Vulnerabilities

The use of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) stretches across a wide range of critical infrastructure sectors, including energy, manufacturing, transport, water and waste management. ICS traditionally were isolated systems to control and manage industrial assets, machinery and systems. However, that is changing as we enter the age of fourth industrial revolution or the Industry 4.0 …

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Ensuring IT/OT Network Security in Critical Infrastructure


1U High Performance x86 Network Appliance for Enterprise Firewall, UTM and IPS.


Fanless Desktop x86 Network Platform for vCPE, SD-WAN and Network Edge


SCADA / ICS Security PC with Intel Atom E3845 CPU and Advanced LAN Bypass

Need of proactive IT / OT Security Strategy in Healthcare

Operational Technology or OT security has taken the center stage in the discussion of protecting our critical infrastructures from cyber attacks. With the rise of smart-devices and the Internet of Things, every industry has become ever more connected and integrated. Network-based systems and tools have become ever more common among organizations due to their enhanced …

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Securing High-Tech Manufacturing From Cyber Attacks

In recent years, the number of industries that have evolved to the point that a large portion of their critical infrastructure are computer-based, networked systems has continued to increase rapidly, meaning more and more industrial systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Increased connectivity between systems brings the potential for a multitude of organizational, operational and …

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Delivering In-train Infotainment with Onboard Passenger Information System


Fanless In-vehicle PC with MIL-STD-810G Certified Shock and Vibration Resistance

Securing Cash-In-Transit with Access Control, Remote Tracking and Video Monitoring


Intel® Ivy Bridge Dual Core i7-3517UE In-Vehicle Computer