Delivering In-train Infotainment with Onboard Passenger Information System

Delivering In-train Infotainment with Onboard Passenger Information System


Passengers on-the-go always demand real-time schedule updates and infotainment, and this has driven the widespread deployments of in-train/in-bus PIS (Passenger Information System). The automated PIS delivers audio-visual information such as updated arrival and departure times, potential delays, alternative plans, local weather, news and some entertainment and advertising. Meanwhile, the system must be constantly diagnosed to ensure playback serviceability and reduce maintenance efforts.


A dedicated PIS (Passenger Information System) company in Europe contacted Lanner to come up with in-train computer to function as the onboard display control system. Once the integration with the whole train system is established, the PIS will work as an onboard unit behind digital signage to deliver audio-visual contents for trains passing through Mont Blanc between France and Italy. On the other hand, the on-board PIS will be linked with display devices like LED sign and client LCD infotainment in each passenger car through serial or USB interface for real-time playback diagnosis. Therefore, some technological requirements must be met in order to accomplish this task:

Compact and Fanless

The space for deployment in rolling stock environment is mostly limited. Thus, the required system must be in compact size, due to the nature of fanless design without the space-occupying fanes.

Serial/USB Protocol for Real-time Diagnosis

The required onboard system is connected with client displays in each passenger car through serial or USB protocol for diagnose purposes.

HDMI Display Ports

Since PIS has to perform its function as digital signage for schedule information, inclement weather status and/or possible delays, a HDMI display port will be needed to connect a display device for HD content delivery.

GPS Location Tracking

GPS location tracking is crucial for rolling stock application, since the location of each train must be monitored to provide precise schedules and arrival time for PIS and control center, so that they can deliver the information to passengers.

Wireless Connectivity

High-bandwidth WiFi allows contents and status data to be uploaded when trains arrive at stations. On the other hand, wireless mobile network like 3G/4G/LTE enables the streaming of location/diagnostic logs onto the control center to synchronize data with train depots.

Compliance for Ruggedness

Compliance for ruggedness is highly critical as rolling stock environments are normally harsh and demanding, where shocks and vibrations are often encountered. Therefore, compliance such as MIL-STD-810G is required.


Lanner’s Solution

For this use case, Lanner presents LVC-2000, a military-grade, compact in-train computer driven by onboard Intel® Atom™ Bay Trail E3845 CPU. The value system is designated for in-train passenger information system built with new generation of onboard Intel® Atom™ 22 nm micro-architecture SoC delivering higher performance and lower power consumption than previous Intel® Atom™ generations.

By functioning as an onboard PC unit for media playback and real-time diagnosis, LVC-2000provides a HDMI display port to work jointly with LCD infotainments as well as USB and serial interfaces for real-time playback diagnoses. Regarding RF capability, GPS location and wireless mobile connectivity are essential qualities of LVC-2000, which comes with on-board GPS sensor as well as internal sockets for WiFi and 3G/4G/LTE capable mini-PCIe cards.

Since trains are mostly in motions, LVC-2000 is built to comply with MIL-STD-810G shock and vibration resistance to endure environmental factors.

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