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By leveraging the concepts of IoT (Internet of Things) to connect medical devices and patient data to the cloud, medical staff can optimize their efficiency while reducing unnecessary workloads when traveling around wards.

Ensuring IT/OT Network Security in Critical Infrastructure

Background After a series of high-profile cyber security incidents on critical infrastructures, governments and enterprises of such facilities have taken malwares seriously into considerations. Apparently, the malwares or ransomware over the past couple years, such as Stuxnet, WannaCry and Crash Override, have publically exposed the vulnerability of SCADA Networks or Industrial Control Systems in today’s […]

9 Examples of Smart City Networks

From Smart Grid and intelligent transportation systems to hazard mitigation, air quality monitoring and smart waste, we’ll be looking into 9 smart city networks and see what exactly these technologies do to improve the lives of their communities and how they are helping to build smarter and sustainable population hubs for future. The one thing […]

Predictive Maintenance 4.0 reshaping rolling stock Asset Management

Cornerstone of the 4th industrial revolution, predictive maintenance 4.0 is a fast growing market of IoT-enabled intelligent sensors and data communication technologies built for machine condition monitoring applications. In any industry, extending the lifespan of your equipment and tools is a great way of cutting down on waste and can save businesses money by reducing […]

Securing High-Tech Manufacturing From Cyber Attacks

In recent years, the number of industries that have evolved to the point that a large portion of their critical infrastructure are computer-based, networked systems has continued to increase rapidly, meaning more and more industrial systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Increased connectivity between systems brings the potential for a multitude of organizational, operational and […]

Smart Farming IoT and 5G to Revolutionize Agriculture

5G networks will provide farmers and the agricultural industry at large with the infrastructure to leverage advanced Smart Farming IoT technologies for tracking, monitoring, automating and analyzing their agricultural and industrial operations. Service providers and mobile operators are modernizing their network infrastructure in a substantial way, bringing network resources to the edge and integrating far distances through […]

5 service provider network upgrades that will enable the Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality we’ve all been waiting for

Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality are easily some of the most anticipated technologies of the century, but for many early adopters the concept is starting to lose appeal. Some from growing disappointment with current implementations, others discouraged entirely from the high cost-barrier to entry from acquiring the headset and necessary computing elements.  With […]

Employing High Availability IEC 61850 Substation Automation Gateway into Service

Challenges Utility institutions today are operating globally and relying on substation automation systems to have a secured and reliable solution for controlling and monitoring status of the substations and grids. Historically, substation automation structures involve multiple proprietary protocols which consist of numerous remote thermal units, PLCs, HMIs and plenty of computing systems to be wired […]

Modern security policies akin to a game of jenga

IoT Network access control and Modern security policies

Securing enterprise networks from IoT-powered DDoS attacks is becoming increasingly necessary, but what about the IoT devices themselves with the enterprise network? The truth is security teams have enough trouble managing even traditional security systems. Network Access Control (NAC) has always been a tough area for IT departments and IoT is getting ready to make it […]

edge network appliance

IoT Edge Analytics Possible with Lanner’s powerful Network Appliances

Many large industrial IoT deployments do not scale efficiently on traditional centralized cloud computing models. The massive number of connected devices sending endless streams of data changes where computing must be done: the network edge. Though dedicated data centers are more powerful than network edge appliances constrained by size/space, the limitations imposed by the speed […]