5 Multi-Access Edge Computing Use Cases Across Different Industries

Multi-Access Edge Computing U

Much of the excitement about multi-access edge computing (MEC) centers around its potential use cases and how it might be combined with other emerging technologies such as 5G and artificial intelligence (AI). However, there are MEC use cases that are being implemented by businesses and organizations right now that can showcase the power of multi-access …

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5 Ways the Internet of Things is Changing the Cyber Security Landscape

Over the past few years, we’ve seen huge advances occurring within cyber security. There are several reasons for this significant increase. From the increasing media coverage of larger and more sophisticated cyber-attacks, to the less reported on, but still just as important, increase in technological attack vectors that has been happening for the last several …

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9 IoT Security Trends to Watch for in 2018

iot security trends

IoT technologies are now fast becoming part of most activities and functions we perform as individuals, organizations or as societies, creating ever increasing number of benefits for everyone across the board. But its very basic characteristic of connecting every thing on the internet for achieving automation and efficiency, brings with it the increasing risk of …

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Internet of Things Security: Protecting Connected Devices

One of the main issues often associated with the predicted increase in connected devices is the growing number of attack vectors these devices potential have. While increased functionality, mobility, and reliability is welcomed by most, it does create more potentially exploitable components in a network. In an age where cyber attacks are becoming more and …

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Predicting and Managing the Threats Through Adaptive Cyber Security

adaptive cyber security

In an age where cyber security threats are an unfortunate everyday fact of life, cyber security systems are consistently being pushed to their limits by the new and evolving methods employed by hackers and others cyber threats. Organizations today are looking for solutions that enable them to predict, prepare and react proactively to the shifting …

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Need of proactive IT / OT Security Strategy in Healthcare

Operational Technology or OT security has taken the center stage in the discussion of protecting our critical infrastructures from cyber attacks. With the rise of smart-devices and the Internet of Things, every industry has become ever more connected and integrated. Network-based systems and tools have become ever more common among organizations due to their enhanced …

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Delivering In-train Infotainment with Onboard Passenger Information System


Fanless In-vehicle PC with MIL-STD-810G Certified Shock and Vibration Resistance