Rugged Industrial IoT Gateway for ICS/OT Security

Rugged Industrial IoT Gateway for ICS-OT Security

In 2018, the U.S. Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency released a report (Alert-TA18074A) describing a Russian hacking campaign to infiltrate U.S.’s critical infrastructure, including power plants, nuclear generators, and water facilities. Hackers could have disrupted or shut down power plants or other critical U.S. infrastructure, but they didn’t take it that far. According to UtilityDive, …

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Accelerated Firewall Software on DPDK-ready x86 Hardware Platforms

high performance software x86 packet processing

Virtualization has massively evolved cloud computing and computer networking, with VNF’s now available and sufficient for many network functions previously performed through dedicated hardware. Yet even today, achieving the near real-time performance expected of networking hardware is a still challenge for virtualized network functions typically running on open compute x86-based network hardware. Firewalls and intrusion …

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3 devices set to evolve with edge computing

smartphones, drones and virtual/augmented reality evolve with mobile edge computing

  When it comes to technology, its no secret batteries have always lagged behind and held back mobile capabilities. Even today Li-Ion and Li-Polymer (the two most used battery technologies) have to make trade-offs between capacity, charging/discharging speed, cost and lifespan. As transistors components and chips have shrunk year over year, batteries have only really …

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Lanner Ready to Offer LTE Certified, FirstNet-Ready Wireless Gateways

FirstNet Next-gen emergency communications network. hardware platforms for critical communications and services.

The evolution of emergency services is now spearheaded by this year’s deployment of a nation-wide public-safety dedicated network known as FirstNet. This critical network reserves 20Mhz out of the valuable 700 Mhz frequency range due to the obstacle penetrating power this frequency affords. FirstNet was developed to provide mission critical communications and emergency services the …

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What is SD-WAN and Why you need it

SD-WAN connectivity, uCPE on premises SD-WAN

Software-defined Wide Area Networks are the next evolution to VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) now providing highly flexible, automated and resilient data transport for businesses. A useful analogy to understand SD-WAN is where VPN’s are like manual gearboxes in a car; SD-WAN is an automatic radar-guided cruise-control solution. Both can achieve the same result: connectivity between …

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Why Multi-Access Edge Computing is the future

Most modern devices, applications and services make extensive use of cloud computing resources (data centers, CDN’s). Nearly all hardware leveraged in cloud computing is composed primarily of: CPU’s, GPU’s, RAM, Network interfaces and non-volatile storage; all of these are the essential building blocks of modern cloud computing. But there’s much more to computing, especially networks, …

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4 frightening attacks insecure IoT devices can enable today

Internet of Things powered Distributed Denial of Service Attacks cripple critical internet Domain Name Servers

The internet is abuzz with exciting innovations in technology, its minimization, automation capacity and the myriad re-applications of older technologies now enhanced with modern communications advances. But this comes with significant security concerns, as now most of our devices, appliances and even light-bulbs are becoming internet-facing liabilities. Cars, pacemakers, heart-monitors, webcams, smartphones, GPS and wireless …

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How to find a Secure, Reliable & Trusted Hardware Vendor, OEM/ODM.

Compromised server boards, system management chips and backdoors

News reports and the several ongoing investigations of alleged hardware backdoors/vulnerabilities found in several mass-produced computer hardware suppliers leave many security professionals increasingly concerned about their hardware. According to US intelligence, it has become incredibly difficult, if not impossible in practice, to effectively audit modern computer hardware that may have been tampered with – even …

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Rise in HTTPS Phishing Attacks and What It Means for Your Cyber Security

Over this year alone there has been a huge push for websites to enable secure communications over the internet through the adoption of HTTPS. This has amounted in a not insignificant increase in the number of websites using HTTPS as, according to statistics from Let’s Encrypt, 65% of the webpages that were loaded by the …

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Why you can’t ignore NBAD in your Cyber Security Strategy

NBAD Systems

We all agree that the tools and techniques of malicious online hackers have evolved and advanced alongside the technologies that enable them, making it essential that network administrators ensure their networks are prepared for any eventuality. This is where Network Behavior Anomaly Detection (NBAD) systems come into the picture. In this post, we will review …

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