What is SD-WAN and Why you need it

SD-WAN connectivity, uCPE on premises SD-WAN

Software-defined Wide Area Networks are the next evolution to VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) now providing highly flexible, automated and resilient data transport for businesses. A useful analogy to understand SD-WAN is where VPN’s are like manual gearboxes in a car; SD-WAN is an automatic radar-guided cruise-control solution. Both can achieve the same result: connectivity between …

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uCPE/vCPE: Death of the magical black box


People today are accustomed to getting their internet from a proprietary, provisioned black box at their homes, but now MSP’s are looking to expand the capabilities of these customer-side appliances with the advent of uCPE and vCPE. Managed Service providers continue to leverage virtualization and edge computing capabilities to decrease OPEX, TTS (time-to-Service) and create …

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Xeon D ready for growing demands at the network edge

Xeon-D small size

Network computing infrastructure has been expanding for decades, and the network edge is no exception. When it comes to the expanding network edge, density is key; that’s why Intel’s Xeon D SoC processors have been steadily gaining favor. Servers, hot storage(instant access data- ie profile images) and network appliances(firewalls, access points) are being given more …

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Virtual CPE, the first step in service providers’ NFV promise – vendor agnostic networks

versa centralized vCPE

One major starting point for CSPs and ISP’s NFV solutions is the deployment of virtual CPE (consumer premise equipment), specifically the business oriented variation vE-CPE – Virtual enterprise CPE. The immediate benefits in reduced CapEx and flexibility make growing enterprise networks one of the first to receive NFV solutions in the form of vCPE from …

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