10 Cyber Security Predictions for 2018 – Is your IT/OT Network Ready?

There are so many predictions for 2018 when it comes to cyber security. Gathering them all would make an endless list. So let’s focus on the ones that are more likely to happen. GDPR will be effective in May 25th in the European Union. Programmers and engineers are working on developing ways to stop or …

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Predicting and Managing the Threats Through Adaptive Cyber Security

adaptive cyber security

In an age where cyber security threats are an unfortunate everyday fact of life, cyber security systems are consistently being pushed to their limits by the new and evolving methods employed by hackers and others cyber threats. Organizations today are looking for solutions that enable them to predict, prepare and react proactively to the shifting …

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5 Common Vulnerabilities in Industrial Control Systems

Industrial Control Systems Vulnerabilities

The use of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) stretches across a wide range of critical infrastructure sectors, including energy, manufacturing, transport, water and waste management. ICS traditionally were isolated systems to control and manage industrial assets, machinery and systems. However, that is changing as we enter the age of fourth industrial revolution or the Industry 4.0 …

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