10 Jobs That Could Soon Be Done by AI-Powered Robots, Machines, Vehicles

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are some of the most exciting fields of research currently being undertaken and each can be found in various ways in many different applications across a vast spectrum of industrial and commercial sectors. With the rise of more and more advanced forms of automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning …

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Artificial Intelligence – Part 2 – Deep Learning Vs. Machine Learning: Understanding the Difference

Artificial Intelligence - Part 2 - Deep Learning Vs. Machine Learning: Understanding the Difference

  One of the most exciting technologies in the history of our species has to be that of artificial intelligence. The sheer, almost limitless potential for AI, machine learning and deep learning in almost every aspect of our world means that it is vitally important for us to learn as much as we can about …

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10 Applications of Machine Learning Within Healthcare

  Artificial Intelligence and specifically rising Machine Learning applications in Healthcare are giving big hopes to the human race for achieving greater capabilities to diagnose and treat illness. One of the leading industries currently being revolutionized by machine learning today is, no doubt, the healthcare industry. In this article, we’ve gathered together our list of ten …

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Are Autonomous Cars Safe?

Autonomous cars are currently being trialed all over the world and their eventual widespread implementation could revolutionize not only the transport industry, but the way we travel in general. However, recent high-profile accidents involving autonomous vehicles have sparked debates as to how safe driverless cars really are. Uber has recently put their autonomous vehicle trials …

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Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence: Match Made in IoT Heaven

Both edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI) have continued to gather attention over the past few years as mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies become increasingly adopted by a vast number of industries around the world. These new technologies have also created new problems and challenges for those looking to implement and benefit from …

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5 Cyber Threats Currently Faced by the Financial Sector 

Cyber Security threats to the financial sector have grown and diversified over the years. A key critical infrastructure of our economy, financial services and banking sector are among the most lucrative targets for hackers looking to gain financially from their exploits. Financial institutions today are looking at cutting edge methods and tools to stay ahead …

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3 Use Cases for Machine Learning Within SD-WAN

Software-defined wide area networks, or SD-WAN’s, have become a common network management solution for multi-location enterprises working within a variety of different industries. Much of this change stems from the fact that, due to innovations such as the Internet of Things, the demands on wide-area networks are growing profusely. More and more connected devices, cloud …

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5 Use Cases of Machine Learning At The Edge

5 Machine Learning Use Cases

  Over the past few years, edge computing and machine learning have been two of the leading technologies that have picked up large amounts of both interest and investment. In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), the number of edge devices and machine learning platforms has massively expanded across industries, seeing more and …

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Industrial PC Applications In Industrial Automation

Industrial automation can be roughly defined as the use of technology and control systems (Industrial PC, PLC, PAC, etc) to automate industrial processes to improve on quality and output without the need for significant human intervention. Control systems are used to dictate the automatic operation of integrated technology and other equipment. In large car factories …

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