Gorilla IVAR

Intelligent Video Analytics Recorder Edge Solution View Hardware People/Face Recognition Behavior Analysis Vehicle Recognition Business Intelligence Edge AI Video Analytics Technology for the Future Lanner’s LEC-2290 and LEC-2137 edge nodes have the performance and remote management features necessary to circumvent edge-to-cloud roundtrip bottlenecks and deliver speedy pre-processed insights from the edge for real-time AI Inference with rock-solid reliability. …

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Intelligent Transportation Systems – Part 2 – How Edge Computing and 5G Could Change the Way We Travel

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) are quickly becoming a vastly connected network of smart infrastructure that provides the circulatory system to many up and coming smart cities. Two of the most promising technologies that will be looked upon to fully bring about the smart city vision are edge computing and 5G wireless networks. In part one …

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4 Edge Computing Technologies Enabling IoT-Ready Network Infrastructure

IoT - The Internet of Things

Networks around the world are going through a massive transformation in which edge computing devices and edge infrastructure development hold a key role. This edge revolution is to leverage the potential of IoT that will be unleashed on the back of 5G roll out in future not so far. Groundbreaking technologies and solutions evolving in …

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5 Uses of Edge Computing in Retail Industry

Edge Computing in Retail

Throughout the past few years, there have been few industries that have seen as much transformation with the emergence of new technologies and the onset of the Fourth Industrial Revolution than the retail industry. The Internet of Things (IoT), digital signage, Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI) have all been shown to have much potential …

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The Importance of Edge Computing in Deploying Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing

In the age of the Industrial Internet of Things, manufacturing is one of several industries set to benefit from the advent of new and cutting edge smart devices. These technologies currently have various role within manufacturing and have also enhanced existing operations such as maintain equipment and machinery with the advent of predictive maintenance systems. …

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Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence: Match Made in IoT Heaven

Both edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI) have continued to gather attention over the past few years as mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies become increasingly adopted by a vast number of industries around the world. These new technologies have also created new problems and challenges for those looking to implement and benefit from …

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