Gorilla IVAR

Intelligent Video Analytics Recorder Edge Solution View Hardware People/Face Recognition Behavior Analysis Vehicle Recognition Business Intelligence Edge AI Video Analytics Technology for the Future Lanner’s LEC-2290 and LEC-2137 edge nodes have the performance and remote management features necessary to circumvent edge-to-cloud roundtrip bottlenecks and deliver speedy pre-processed insights from the edge for real-time AI Inference with rock-solid reliability. …

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50 Examples of Video Analytics Applications (Infographic)

Artificial Intelligence and advancements in cloud edge computing infrastructure are enabling development of intelligent real-time video analytics solutions that are solving several problems and creating many opportunities in different sectors. By harnessing the capabilities of machine learning and bid data, AI-powered video analytics solutions have started to play a crucial role in automating several functions …

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The Growing Importance of Video Analytics in Digital Signage for Retail

Video analytics are becoming an increasingly important aspect of many industrial and commercial operations and nowhere is this fact made clearer than within the retail industry. The use of cutting edge digital signage, coupled with advanced video analytics software is transforming the way in which retailers utilize big data and engage their customers. The driving …

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