NFV – Part 2: Are NFV & SDN Both Key to Driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

NFV - Part 2 Are NFV & SDN Both Key to Driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution

As we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution, several new technological trends have begun to transform the systems that enable us to both work and live. Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is allowing network operators to both reduce their outgoings and speed-up the deployment of new services and this concept is currently becoming more and more widespread around …

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5 Examples of NFV Use Cases

examples of nfv use cases

Over the past couple of years, network function virtualization (NFV) has become an increasingly popular solution to various networking challenges to a plethora of different companies operating within a wide selection of different industrial and commercial sectors. We have covered vCPE in previous articles as the most popular use case of NFV, this article focuses …

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Lanner To Showcase Award-Winning SDN/NFV Platforms at MWC 2018 Taiwan Excellence Pavilion

Lanner, the global leading manufacturer in networking hardware, is pleased to showcase its award-winning networking platforms at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2018, in Barcelona, Spain, from 26 February to 1st March. Lanner will feature NCA-1611 and FW-8896, the two awarded networking hardware solutions which were honored 2018/2017 Taiwan Excellence Award, an annual award announced by …

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3 SD-WAN Deployment Options for Companies Looking to Invest In SDN

As we know software defined networking (SDN) is already becoming a more and more popular investment among multi-branch enterprises with help from drivers such as software-defined wide area networks (SD WAN) being deployed in various ways across nearly every industry. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone is onboard with SDN quite yet. There are various …

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Multi-vendor SDN/NFV Solutions

Accelerate your Deployment with Pre-validated SDN/NFV Solutions With the advanced network virtualization technologies like SDN and NFV, service providers and carriers benefit from the time-to-market flexibility and the service agility while reducing TCOs. However, the roll-out of new SDN/NFV services through VNF involves comprehensive validation and integration, which could impact the lead-time schedule or miss …

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SDN Vs. Intent Based Networking

SDN vs Intent-based networking

Given that technology is progressing faster than at any point previously in our history, it comes as no surprise that the age of machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation, the Internet of Things, and virtualization has finally arrived. One of the biggest technological innovations of the last five years or so has been the advent of …

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Flashback 2017: A Promising Year of SD-WAN, vCPE, and Edge Computing

Upon the joyful holiday seasons, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratefulness for your continued business. As your trusted partners for the past 31 years, Lanner has always been dedicated to offering quality, wide-selection of hardware platforms to accelerate your time-to-market solutions. The year of 2017 had been a remarkable period …

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Accedian Partners With Lanner Electronics to Offer Performance-Assured Virtual Customer Premises Equipment (vCPE)

Montreal, Canada – December 5, 2017 – Accedian, the global end-to-end network performance assurance experts, today announced that it has partnered with Lanner Electronics Inc., to integrate its fully virtualized SkyLIGHT™ performance assurance platform into Lanner’s x86 network platform. The combined solution will bring performance assurance and visibility to Lanner’s service provider customers deploying its …

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5 NFV Service Assurance Requirements to Tackle the Challenges of Virtualization

NFV Assurance

In the virtual age, network functions and other applications are taken outside of their traditional hardware homes and relocated to the cloud. Network function virtualization (NFV) is one of the latest ways in which businesses and organizations are taking advantage of the technology innovations in the field of telecommunications and network computing. However, network function …

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FirstNet: Dedicated LTE and NFV to Future Proof Public Safety Communication


While we are still only less than a quarter of the way through the 21st century, there have already been several monumental events, be they natural disasters, industrial accidents, or acts of terrorism, that have highlighted the need for first responders to be as adequately equipped as is possible when attending events such as those …

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