Leveraging uCPE to Ignite New Services and Revenue

The same that happened to the compute infrastructure is happening to the network. Virtualization and cloud-based services shaped computing, and now they are also changing networking. Today, networks can be far more dynamic and accessible to everyone. Entire instances of network and security virtual functionalities can be launched with a single click and managed remotely. …

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What is NGCO and why 5G needs it?

The traditional service provider’s central office network where all subscribers connect to and create a sort of central loop is becoming history. Its proprietary single-function hardware and legacy networks are not capable of supporting the massive demands of new applications and services. Leveraging virtualization and cloud-based computing architecture, the Next Generation Central Office (NGCO) evolves …

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5 Examples of NFV Use Cases

examples of nfv use cases

Over the past couple of years, network function virtualization (NFV) has become an increasingly popular solution to various networking challenges to a plethora of different companies operating within a wide selection of different industrial and commercial sectors. We have covered vCPE in previous articles as the most popular use case of NFV, this article focuses …

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