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Retail Loss Prevention through IP Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has long been an essential part of any retailers security set up. Theft and vandalism prevention and the ability to identify those that perform such acts gives retailers the power to deter criminals as well as press charges against individuals or gangs they record committing crimes against them, as well as enhance other […]

LEC-2580: Keeping A Keen Eye On Your City

  Introduction It is estimated that by the year 2030, the number of people living in urban areas will have reached 60 percent of the global population. In other words, more than 4.9 billion people will be dwelling in all corners of predominately urbanized areas in some of the largest city metropolises in the world. […]

Network Video Recorders for Retail Loss Prevention

Retail Surveillance Network Video Recorders (NVR’s) are a key element in protecting employees, retail inventory and profits, especially since loss prevention and profits go hand in hand. Providing a secure retail environment involves several aspects from monitoring all entry points, warehouses and loading docks to securing the registers and reviewing suspicious POS transactions. Other than […]

A 4K-Ready Digital Signage Platform for Content Delivery Applications

By delivering about 16 times the amount of resolution than standard definition, 4K Ultra HD is without a doubt the best way to display messages to any target market. The capabilities offered by digital displays are well known by anyone involved in advertising, and complimented by image displays in vibrant, eye-catching, 4K Ultra HD resolution […]

Digital Signage Media Player for Outdoor LED Displays

Outdoor LED Displays deliver highly visible images any time of day and provide the flexibility to display almost any content desired including advertising, sporting and important live-events. They are capable of displaying content 24/7 and can be managed remotely from any smart device with the use of wireless connection. These days LED displays can be […]

IP Video Surveillance Platform for Power Substations

IP Video Surveillance Systems are a crucial implementation for the protection of assets found in Power Substations and are a significant instrument for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) compliance. Substations, a key element of power grids, are mission critical for providing electricity to millions in North America. More often than not, substations are at distant unmanned […]

A Digital Signage Software Company’s Development of Vehicle Digital Signage

A digital signage software company with over 8 years of experience was looking for an integrated solution for in-vehicle digital signage that can cope with a challenging mobile environment while maintaining service and availability levels. Their speciality is providing signage solutions to a number of commercial enterprises for their business marketing or employee communication needs. […]

Casino Gaming Table Digital Displays

  Modern casinos offer an immersive experience that includes the provision of information and entertainment to players during a game. By offering current information on the state of play at a particular table, for example including the amount of cash in the pot or details of previous winning hands, digital displays can enhance the experience […]

Casino Surveillance and Security

  Lanner’s Network Video Surveillance platforms provide the ideal hardware platform for casino surveillance systems. A typical casino requires 2,000 or more digital or analog video cameras running 24 hours a day. This volume of video data is not only cumbersome, it is expensive to manage. But with today’s advances in digital video technology, the […]

Tourist Information Display at the Cristo Redentor

  Public information display screens are now ubiquitous in many global tourist attractions, and serve a dual purpose of informing visitors of the details of the site, while reducing the number of queries received by staff. In many cases now the management of these sites is looking beyond one-way communication with visitors, to a situation […]