IP Video Surveillance Platform for Power Substations

IP Video Surveillance Platform for Power Substations

IP Video Surveillance Systems are a crucial implementation for the protection of assets found in Power Substations and are a significant instrument for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) compliance. Substations, a key element of power grids, are mission critical for providing electricity to millions in North America. More often than not, substations are at distant unmanned locations, making them prime targets for trespassers looking to steal from or cause damage to the site. Protection of substation infrastructures involves 24/7/365 surveillance to help diminish safety risks, theft, vandalism, sabotage and terrorist attacks.

Copper theft incidents are the most common security threats faced by Power Substations, especially because the price for precious metals has not subsided since its increase nearly one decade ago. However, individuals stealing the copper wires are sometimes unaware of the possible catastrophic events that can result from tampering with these high voltage wires. They are exposed to suffering severe injuries if not death and can end up causing electrical outages, fires and explosions that can effect or injure them and others. Therefore, the ability to remotely monitor a substation site is exceptionally crucial for ensuring normal operations as well as reducing monetary losses caused by theft.

Achieving maximum efficacy of an IP Video Surveillance System will require integration of a Network Video Recorder (NVR), purpose built for harsh environment, which can integrate multiple IP cameras and provide a communication pathway for remote monitoring. The NVR installed must be highly robust and able to operate reliably in challenging environments in order to continuously provide the control room with actionable insight through the flawless delivery of clear images.

The best deployment for this solution will be a hardened PC based fanless NVR offering high performance, reliability, flexibility and expansion capabilities. Lanner’s LEC-6040 meets all the aforementioned requirements making it ideal for achieving the success of an IP Video Surveillance System in a substation environment. LEC-6040 offers high-performance Intel® Haswell Core™ i5-4402E or i3-4102E CPU and can be installed through DIN rail, wall-mount or as desktop.

The LEC-6040 offers a compact form factor fanless design with a rugged aluminum chassis, and to ensure operational safety, its serial COM port and Ethernet ports are isolated and come with ESD/surge protection. Other key features include front panel access to the flexible I/O modules with optional LAN and SFP ports, and 1 x mini-PCIe with SIM card reader, 2 x SATA ports and PCIe expansion slot. Additionally, this unit can be further customized to meet specific technical or branding requirements for OEM customers.

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