Cyber Security

Cyber Security for Ever Advancing Networks

Breaches and data leaks have cost businesses 100's of billions of dollars every year, not to mention the immeasurable impact on brand & reputation. Extensive use of networked devices has fostered the need for technology capable of handling massive volumes of traffic while keeping information and the networks themselves secure. Lanner's next-generation UTM/Firewall-oriented appliances have the processing and networking capabilities to handle the datastreams of tomorrow.

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Wireless Networks: Building a Mobile World

Wireless technology's importance is often underestimated in our everyday lives. Our ever-expanding needs have steadily evolved wireless communications into a myriad of technologies that offer trade-offs between power consumption, efficiency, distance and bandwidth. Lanner's platforms leverage this divers set of technologies to empower a mobile IoT world.

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Software-Defined Networking

Taking Flexibility to the Software-Defined Level

Traditional network equipment uses hardware elements to control the flow of information. Although this allows for great efficiency, the flexibility and reduced operational costs software-defined networks allow has gradually been convincing companies to make the shift. Lanner's software-agnostic platforms provide an open hardware architecture much inline with the philosophy and flexibility that software-defined networks promote.

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Networking Designed to Efficiently Handle Taxing Applications

Demanding applications like HD video content delivery require efficient hardware that is capable of handling very specific workloads. Lanner's diverse set of platforms allows businesses to choose just the right amount of hardware they need to start accelerating these resource-intensive applications into functional cost-effective solutions.

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