Embedded Computing – IoT

Building Smart Cities with IoT-empowered Solutions

The exponential proliferation of IoT devices has brought exciting and new capabilities into our lives. Lanner provides a centralized, reliable platform from which to continue building increasingly intelligent systems while taking full advantage of emerging IoT technologies. Our cost-effective embedded box computing hardware provides the computing & networking power that’s needed to roll-out future-ready intelligent automated solutions.

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Deploy advanced perimeter security and video surveillance solutions

In computer-based systems, when physical access has been obtained to critical systems, security is greatly diminished.  Securing vital infrastructure is a 24/7 round-he-clock task that can only be managed by purpose-built network video surveillance equipment. Lanner offers the full-spectrum of digital-era threat-prevention with its advanced video surveillance platforms ready for the next-generation of digital & physical security. Read More

Providing the most capable digital signage delivery platform yet

Solutions for Digital signage must be robust, reliable and deploy-able in a wide-range of environments. Lanner’s digital signage platforms more than cover this extensive range and offer multiple video outputs that are key for digital signage applications. Our embedded fanless platforms provide the maximum stability, longevity and reliability that is necessary for deploying extensive low-maintenance digital signage systems. Read More

Deploying Rugged Surveillance Platforms to Protect Critical Infrastructures

Background Critical infrastructures are constantly encountered with physical security threats due to the increasingly reported incidents. Since these utility providing plants, such as power substation, renewable energy plants, nuclear plants, oil and gas refinery, hydropower dam, water supply facility and other heavy industries, are mostly located in remote areas with vast coverage, real-time monitoring and

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Perform Industrial DPI to Secure Networked Production Systems

Background The central concept behind the initiatives of “Industrial IoT”, “Industrial Automation”, and “Industry 4.0” shares a similar characteristic – establishing OT and IT convergence by interconnecting all the sensor, devices and equipment through mainstream communication protocols such as Industrial Ethernet and Internet protocol. However, the convergence has made OT networks vulnerable towards cyber threats,

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Optimizing Video Surveillance Efficiencies with Robust Streaming Encoders

Background The demand for higher-level security has been the driving force for the populated installations of surveillance cameras in mission-critical environments, such as airports, banks, public transits, and state-owned institutions, and IP cameras are the preferred choice over conventional CCTV types due to ease of deployments. However, when there are saturated amount of IP cameras,

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Bringing Application and System Convergence to Digital Retailing

Introduction Digital retailing, which aims to influence all in-store patrons’ buying behavior by connecting and appealing to human emotions and impulses, is the by-product of today’s always-connected economy. The use of various IoT applications such as VoIP, digital signage, interactive kiosk, DVR and in-store entertainment are instrumental in enhancing sales; and network applications such private

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train surveillance system

Upgrading Train Surveillance to EN50155 Standards

Live train surveillance and monitoring systems are being fast adopted by train operators across the globe to address the rising security challenges we face today. There are new adopters of train surveillance systems and there are upgraders to newer technology, however, even in 2017 we are yet to have a 100% deployment of these systems

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Industrial PC Applications In Industrial Automation

Industrial automation can be roughly defined as the use of technology and control systems (Industrial PC, PLC, PAC, etc) to automate industrial processes to improve on quality and output without the need for significant human intervention. Control systems are used to dictate the automatic operation of integrated technology and other equipment. In large car factories

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