Lanner’s LEC-2284-MDG Videowall Platform

Videowall displays have greatly increased in popularity over the past decade; the increase is derived mainly from continued technological advancements and LED displays’ competitive pricing. Benefiting for and actively functioning in many locations other than advertising scenarios, they have a direct impact on our lives whether we see them or not. The image display capabilities …

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Lanner’s LEC-2284-MDG Videowall Platform was last modified: January 16th, 2020 by LEI Technology

IP Video Surveillance Platform for Power Substations

IP Video Surveillance Systems are a crucial implementation for the protection of assets found in Power Substations and are a significant instrument for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) compliance. Substations, a key element of power grids, are mission critical for providing electricity to millions in North America. More often than not, substations are at distant unmanned …

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IP Video Surveillance Platform for Power Substations was last modified: January 17th, 2020 by LEI Technology