Lanner’s LEC-2284-MDG Videowall Platform

Lanner’s LEC-2284-MDG Videowall Platform

Videowall displays have greatly increased in popularity over the past decade; the increase is derived mainly from continued technological advancements and LED displays’ competitive pricing. Benefiting for and actively functioning in many locations other than advertising scenarios, they have a direct impact on our lives whether we see them or not. The image display capabilities and flexibility offered are being realized by many command centers, operations and control rooms which have already implemented Videowall displays. This technology enhances operational efficiencies in situations where visibility is a key factor, such as in traffic control and public safety video surveillance as well as in broadcasting environments. The displays provide high pixel density to deliver high-quality, crystal clear and detail opulent images to mission-critical applications.

Broadcasting Control Rooms

Broadcast Television and cable networks are expected to produce and provide audio and video programming with no interruptions. However, there are several aspects involved in order for the networks to seamlessly deliver the desired programming to the viewers. The networks must monitor, manage and combine various television broadcasts such as live video feeds, explanatory content as well as previously recorded footage.

Public Safety Control Rooms

Operators, as well as first responders, need to have full situation awareness enabling the capability to make well-informed decisions for deploying quicker and appropriate action responses. Enhancing public safety responses requires control rooms have access to view reliable and accurate data from multiple sources such as live, real-time video surveillance feeds, maps, traffic conditions and weather. Achievement of full situation awareness is a time-critical factor, especially when lives are on the line.

Traffic Monitoring and Control Operations Rooms

Optimizing safety and efficiency for any mode of transportation, whether it is by air, rail, road or sea, the staff in operations rooms must have complete visibility over the area being monitored. Therefore, Operation rooms must be able to simultaneously display video surveillance, sensor information, maps and various types of traffic data, such as vehicle speed, volume and flow speeds.


Videowalls displays require integration of a reliable, durable and powerful platform that offers 24/7 operation as well as 4K resolution and multiple displays support. The platform controller integrated must be built with high-performance CPU, high-end graphics and Multi-Display Graphics processing technologies. Features offered must provide expansion capabilities and I/O flexibility options including multiple display outputs ports such as HDMI, VGA and DVI-D.

Application-focused, Lanner’s LEC-2284-MDG is an IEC 60068-2-64 compliant, fanless embedded PC built with 4th Gen Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 and Matrox C-Series Multi-Display Graphics Card offering rich I/O and expansion options. In addition to the robust CPU’s its Intel® HD Graphics 4600 boasts at least 60% increase in graphical performance over Intel® HD Graphics 4000; its built-in HDMI supports resolution up to 3840 x 2160 at 24Hz (or 2560 x 1600 at 60Hz) while its VGA and DVI-D both support resolution up to1920 x 1200.

Worth mentioning, the Matrox C-Series Multi-Display Graphics Card comes bundled with Matrox PowerDesk™ for Windows desktop management software for easy configuration and control of multi-display setups including stretched or independent desktops, clone mode, pivot, bezel management and edge overlap. The features offered by the LEC-2284-MDG position it as the ideal deployment option for as a Videowall Platform as well as other IoT and video related applications.

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