Configure-to-Order Fanless Industrial PC for Factory Automation, Surveillance and IoT Applications


4th Gen Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 Platform with Rich I/O and Expansion


High-performance IPC with Intel® 6th Gen Skylake Core™ i7/i5/i3 CPU


Optimized IoT-ready Solution for Machine Vision and Physical Security

A. I. Based Video Analytics

Overview Key Applications Use case Featured Products Low-latency Video Analytics at Network Edge Video Analytics is among one of the popular A.I. based IoT technology deployed in various industries, such as public safety, digital retailing, public transit surveillance and production inspection. However, like most video-driven usage scenarios, video analytics generate tremendous volume of data, which …

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Retail Loss Prevention through IP Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has long been an essential part of any retailers security set up. Theft and vandalism prevention and the ability to identify those that perform such acts gives retailers the power to deter criminals as well as press charges against individuals or gangs they record committing crimes against them, as well as enhance other …

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Network Video Recorders for Retail Loss Prevention

Retail Surveillance Network Video Recorders (NVR’s) are a key element in protecting employees, retail inventory and profits, especially since loss prevention and profits go hand in hand. Providing a secure retail environment involves several aspects from monitoring all entry points, warehouses and loading docks to securing the registers and reviewing suspicious POS transactions. Other than …

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Casino Surveillance and Security

Lanner’s Network Video Surveillance platforms provide the ideal hardware platform for casino surveillance systems. A typical casino requires 2,000 or more digital or analog video cameras running 24 hours a day. This volume of video data is not only cumbersome, it is expensive to manage. But with today’s advances in digital video technology, the price …

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Stepping Up Physical Security Measures for Threat Prevention and Management

Introduction Enhanced security operations such as physical security and surveillance analytics are required by almost all industries, including banking, retail, critical infrastructure, government, corporate, education and public transportation. Such security measures provide real-time intelligence for live detection of safety and security events and are instrumental not only in safeguarding business intelligence but also in facilitating …

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