Implementing Video Surveillance: 10 Basic Considerations

Today most enterprises use at least 200 IP video surveillance cameras 24/7/365. Advancements such as IoT, artificial intelligence and machine learning might be turning some of the systems into obsolete but video surveillance, in any form of shape, will stay as an integral part of the IT economy of our commercial, enterprise and industrial sectors …

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What Do the New GDPR Regulations Mean for Video Surveillance?

GDPR Video Surveillance

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), set to come into effect in May 2018, will have widespread consequences for all businesses, enterprises, and organizations that deal with personal data in some form or another. Usually, when thinking of personal data, most people will tend to think along the lines of names and contact details, …

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Retail Loss Prevention through IP Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has long been an essential part of any retailers security set up. Theft and vandalism prevention and the ability to identify those that perform such acts gives retailers the power to deter criminals as well as press charges against individuals or gangs they record committing crimes against them, as well as enhance other …

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