A. I. Based Video Analytics

Low-latency Video Analytics at Network Edge

Video Analytics is among one of the popular A.I. based IoT technology deployed in various industries, such as public safety, digital retailing, public transit surveillance and production inspection. However, like most video-driven usage scenarios, video analytics generate tremendous volume of data, which may lead to the shift of computing and analysis from the cloud to the edge, and trigger the need for edge intelligent video platforms to ensure real-time response and low-latency for mission-critical video analytics applications.

With knowledge in the demands for a robust computing platform in edge networks, Lanner provides a wide range of configure-to-order video processing platforms specifically engineered for mobile/fixed data capture and real-time video analytics in retail, transportation, critical infrastructure and rugged industrial conditions.

Key Applications

  • Public Safety

    Physical Security
    Event Trigger & Alarms
    City Surveillance
    Critical infrastructure Monitoring

  • Retail

    Facial Recognition
    People Counting
    Customer Flow
    Demographic Analytics
    Advertising Analysis

  • Industrial

    Predictive Maintenance
    Quality Inspection
    Production Monitoring

  • Transportation

    In-vehicle Surveillance
    Driver Fatigue
    License Plate Monitoring
    Traffic Monitoring
    Parking Management