A Digital Signage Software Company’s Development of Vehicle Digital Signage

A Digital Signage Software Company’s Development of Vehicle Digital Signage

A digital signage software company with over 8 years of experience was looking for an integrated solution for in-vehicle digital signage that can cope with a challenging mobile environment while maintaining service and availability levels. Their speciality is providing signage solutions to a number of commercial enterprises for their business marketing or employee communication needs.

Their software allows anyone with proper security credentials to update content from any internet enabled PC or smart phone. This content is delivered instantaneously.

While their traditional customers used their own equipment, newer customers were looking for a total digital signage solution- which led to the creation of their pre-configured linux boxes that required less IT expertise so they were easier to deploy.

The Challenge

As a leader in digital signage in the commercial arena, the company noticed that customers were asking more and more about mobile digital signage. While their software would have no problem delivering the content and providing seamless playback, their hardware would need to be changed.

When they started looking for a hardware manufacturer to produce a mobile PC they faced three main challenges. First, they needed a PC that was capable of running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A rugged industrial PC that could withstand the shock and vibrations of vehicles, while being able to run their software. Second, they needed a processor with enough power to display flawless playback of flash video. Third, they wanted to keep the hardware expense down to a minimum, allowing many different companies to be able to afford a this digital signage solution.

The Solution

The CEO of this company received a press release from Lanner Electronics in August. The press release described a platform similar to what this CEO was looking for, but with one notable exception. While it was priced well, and rugged enough, he was concerned that the Intel Atom D510 lacked the processing power that was necessary to have flawless playback on flash video.

After the CEO voiced his concerns, Lanner engineers requested a test version of their software and recorded the results to show the CEO. The video showed the LEC-5510 had seamless playback and the CEO decided to order a sample to begin development.

From there everything went as it should. They purchased a test unit and customized the hardware into a Linux appliance that worked with their software.

The Result

Their mobile Linux appliance is a system that is designed to store all of the customer’s signage information onboard. It contains a subset of the patented system that runs on their production servers. This allows full functionality while the vehicle is in motion and gets automatic updates whenever a WiFi connection is availiable.

Future Developments

The company has planned for further developments- using the LEC-5510’s additional functionality as a spring board. They are currently developing their software to include geotargetting. Geotargetting allows content to be updated when certain triggers are hit on the GPS system. Each trigger can be aligned with a certain display or message for a specified amount of time or distance. Ads can be displayed on cue when destinations such as airports or hotels are reached. In the scenario where the signage is located outside a vehicle, geotargetting can be used to convert animated signage to a static advertisement in compliance with local laws concerning distractions on a highway. The GPS can tell when the vehicle is moving over a certain speed limit and automatically shut off the content.

LEC-5510 Overview

The LEC-5510 is a popular vehicle PC at Lanner Electronics. It features power ignition detection, GPS and 3G, and all in a fanless and dust-proof chassis.

Engineers spent a long time developing this product to ensure its longevity. It has been extensively tested in terms of shock and vibration to be able to thrive in a mobile environment. The temperature range is between -20~55°C/-4~131°F with industrial components and it has a wide voltage input range to be easily integrated with many types of vehicle battery.

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