Casino Gaming Table Digital Displays

Modern casinos offer an immersive experience that includes the provision of information and entertainment to players during a game. By offering current information on the state of play at a particular table, for example including the amount of cash in the pot or details of previous winning hands, digital displays can enhance the experience of casino visitors.

Sentosa Casino wanted high-quality high-definition displays for their gaming tables, utilizing industrial grade hardware for a reasonable price. Lanner’s biggest challenge in the bidding process was to make sure that we had the correct hardware for the job.

The Solution

Lanner has a track record of making rugged hardware, with versatile chassis design and our cost-correlating approach to big customers.

Lanner took the LEC-2220P and modified it to meet Sentosa Casino’s needs. Adding a 1 GB memory graphics card via the external PCI slot allowed the appliance to produce the top quality displays at every gambling table. The LEC-2220P is now operating successfully in Sentosa Casino’s establishment and has eliminated the problems associated with the old hardware deployed in the casino.

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