Digital Signage Media Player for Outdoor LED Displays

Digital Signage Media Player for Outdoor LED Displays

Outdoor LED Displays deliver highly visible images any time of day and provide the flexibility to display almost any content desired including advertising, sporting and important live-events. They are capable of displaying content 24/7 and can be managed remotely from any smart device with the use of wireless connection. These days LED displays can be seen in a variety of locations, especially in places like sports stadiums and arenas or outdoor pubs where traditional LCD’s, plasmas and projectors struggle to display clear images in day light.


Reaching the cash spending masses with the attention-grabbing dynamic content displayed by LED Digital Billboards is proving to be more efficient than traditional static billboard signs. The ability to change, update or display new advertising messages at the touch of a button is unmatched by any other form of advertisement out there.


Outdoor LED Displays are an invaluable addition to any arena or stadium setting, as they enhance spectator experience by putting them in the middle of the action with replays and close-ups of the action in the middle in high definition resolution. These digital displays ensure that there are no bad seats in the house and that sponsors are getting better ROI on their advertisements.


Outdoor areas are a lot more common offerings and have become a big patron drawer at restaurants, pubs and bars ever since the indoor smoking ban. However, traditional LCD’s, plasmas and projectors struggle to display clear images outdoors, this allows the introduction of LED Displays to take their place for displaying important live events and increase the amount of time a patron stays in the establishment.

Running Outdoor LED Displays will require integration of a small form factor digital signage media player that can provide the computing performance, energy efficiency as well as the required durability in the hardware to run digital signage displays around the clock.

Lanner’s LEC-7230M a robust and nimble embedded box PC, powered by the Intel® Celeron® Bay Trail, a SoC known for its significant improvement in computing performance and power efficiency, is the ideal deployment for Outdoor LED Displays. The LEC-7230M installed with an external Wi-Fi module and antenna allows for remote management of the digital sign, which means changes can be made to the content displayed from inside the building without physically accessing the unit. The LEC- 7230M has proven to be more cost-effective than most, by providing five nines reliability it helps avoid costly service call expenses generated by commercial grade computers.

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