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Real-Time Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnosis for Network Edge

Background Businesses today rely more and more on high-speed network to achieve profitability and sustainability. As enterprise networks are connected to more devices than ever, high-speed, high-volume network traffic is required, but network monitoring tools for service assurance, traffic/data analytics, application performance and bandwidth management are far below the required capacity. According to researched surveys, […]

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IoT Edge Analytics Possible with Lanner’s powerful Network Appliances

Many large industrial IoT deployments do not scale efficiently on traditional centralized cloud computing models. The massive number of connected devices sending endless streams of data changes where computing must be done: the network edge. Though dedicated data centers are more powerful than network edge appliances constrained by size/space, the limitations imposed by the speed […]

Next Generation IP Video Delivery Solutions

The Challenge In an era where high speed networks are affordable and readily available, video streaming in high quality over IP has replaced the costly video broadcasting over analog or lease lines as a more flexible and cost-effective solution. Compare with regular data transmission, stricter requirements must be met for streaming broadcast-level video over an […]

Accelerating Network Computing Performance with All New Architecture

Background With the exponential growth of mobile Internet devices and the rise of Cloud Computing, end-users demand faster, more powerful and more secured Internet services. This unprecedented demand has presented a new challenge which Internet service provider and IT system operators maintain and manage their network traffic. To ensure smooth network traffic, an all new […]

Simplifying Network Management for BYOD Environment

Abstract With the rapid rise of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phenomenon contributed by the widespread of smart mobile devices, the increasing implementations of wireless accessing points (APs) in corporate environments have become an attraction for potential network intrusion and data theft. As software-based measures have been found with numerous loopholes, corporations have to rely […]

Accelerating Multi-service Network Deployment and Management with Lanner’s Grantley Solutions

Lanner’s FW-8896, the FW-8894 and the NCA-5510 are positioned as high-performance solutions for building multi-tier or multi-service network environments in which resource utilization can be optimized for achieving maximal user base and high network throughput at each tier of one or more network functions, while also minimizing the likelihood of system bottlenecks and slowdowns. Advantages […]