Accelerating Multi-service Network Deployment and Management with Lanner’s Grantley Solutions

Lanner’s FW-8896, the FW-8894 and the NCA-5510 are positioned as high-performance solutions for building multi-tier or multi-service network environments in which resource utilization can be optimized for achieving maximal user base and high network throughput at each tier of one or more network functions, while also minimizing the likelihood of system bottlenecks and slowdowns.

Advantages offered by the FW-8896, the FW-8894 and the NCA-5510 are as followed:

  1. Powerful CPU and chipset with built-in enhancements and development framework All three appliances are powered by Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 processor and Intel® C612 chipset (codenamed Grantley), offering single or dual CPU and multi-core computing power.Intel® Data Plane Development Kit (Intel® DPDK), Intel® QuickPath Interconnect, Intel® AES-NI, Intel® Virtualization, Intel® Turbo Boost, Intel® Hyper-Threading and Intel® Cache Allocation & Monitoring are among the latest Intel® technologies baked into Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 series processor, not only enabling faster development of high speed data packet networking applications but also contributing to all three appliances’ superior computing performance.Furthermore, the Coleto Creek chipset found onboard the FW-8896 and the FW-8894 comes with support for Intel®’s QuickAssist Technology, providing security and compression acceleration capabilities for improving performance and efficiency across data centers.
  2. Accelerated software TTM and system rollout Seeing as all three appliances are based on Intel®’s Grantley platform, proprietary software can be ported, with minimal recoding/re-engineering, into a multi-service network environment set up with a combination of the FW-8896, the FW-8894 and the NCA-5510, reducing manpower and overhead otherwise needed for developing application software or user interface.
  3. Complete I/O, NIC expansion and storage Built into these 1U and 2U network appliances are externally accessible 2.5” SATA drive trays, management ports, GbE RJ-45 ports, NIC module slots (for 1G/10G/40G RJ45, SFP fiber, SFP+ fiber, QSFP+ fiber), DDR4 2133 MHz memory, OPMA slot and optional TPM.A multi-tier and multi-service network environment built with the FW-8896, the FW-8894 and NCA-5510 offers add-on values, innovations and advantages for DDoS protection, enterprise firewall, UTM, IPS, application delivery control, WAN optimization and virtualized network management, making available a sleuth of solutions for almost all network security and management market segments.