Real-Time Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnosis for Network Edge

Real-Time Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnosis for Network Edge


Businesses today rely more and more on high-speed network to achieve profitability and sustainability. As enterprise networks are connected to more devices than ever, high-speed, high-volume network traffic is required, but network monitoring tools for service assurance, traffic/data analytics, application performance and bandwidth management are far below the required capacity. According to researched surveys, over 50% of the surveyed enterprise IT personnel have reported data loss or dropped packets during traffic. The real-time network performance management and diagnosis platforms are the key factors for optimal performance, and minimal downtimes.


Enterprise datacenter and network edge require comprehensive solutions that can provide real-time visibility and online monitoring in a remote manner in order to analyze network performances. The required solution must be able to seamlessly monitor packet information in both current and historical data, including all the traffic from Apps, network protocols, VPN-to-edge, cloud services and office Wi-Fi. With the visibility of network traffic, IT personnel can thus diagnose and troubleshoot any network problem, such as latency, data dropped, or troubled connection, to ensure that the networks are running at peak performances.

Lanner’s Solution

Lanner’s FW-7526 is a compact desktop network appliance featuring Intel Atom C2358/C2518 CPU, Intel QuickAssist Crypto Acceleration, 4 x RJ-45 GbE, 2 x SFP GbE, LAN bypass, Intel AES-NI and up to 8GB DDR3 memory. As a fanless desktop, FW-7526 comes with no moving parts, which makes maintenance convenient. Built in a compact form factor, the system can be easily deployed anywhere in an enterprise, edge or small office environment.

Lanner’s FW-7526 is driven by Intel Atom C2358 or C2518 CPU (dual-core or quad-core), ideal for network performance monitoring in SMBs, enterprise branches, distributed customer locations settings due to its low power consumption and steady performance. The open x86 architecture of FW-7526 allows installations of network monitoring software onto the system. On the other hand, the platform is accompanied by Intel QuickAssist Crypto Acceleration technology for cryptographic boost. In addition, the processor is built in with Intel AES-NI (Advanced Encryption Standard – New Instruction) to further enhance the network data encryption for higher security level.

Regarding network functionality, FW-7526 comes with four RJ-45 GbE ports and two SFP GbE ports for network connections. The device also features one pair of Lanner’s Gen2 LAN bypass for network traffic reliability.

Looking at other I/O connectivity, the device features 1 x mini-PCIe slot with SIM reader, mSATA storage socket, 1 x console and 2 x USB ports. In addition, FW-7526 supports nano-SIM card for wireless 3G/4G/LTE network.

Notably, there is a predecessor model named FW-7525. This earlier appliance is built similarly, just without the LAN configuration of SFP ports.

About Lanner

Lanner is a leading OEM with more than 30 Years of experience designing, building and manufacturing embedded and network computing hardware. From x86 rackmount systems to wide-operating temperature rugged industrial hardware, our appliances cover a diverse set of popular and niche applications.

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