Next Generation IP Video Delivery Solutions

Next Generation IP Video Delivery Solutions

The Challenge

In an era where high speed networks are affordable and readily available, video streaming in high quality over IP has replaced the costly video broadcasting over analog or lease lines as a more flexible and cost-effective solution. Compare with regular data transmission, stricter requirements must be met for streaming broadcast-level video over an open Internet, where uneven deliveries, packet loss and buffering are unacceptable. For high quality video broadcast services such as video on demand (VOD) and over the top (OTT), user experience very much depends on continuous and seamless packet delivery over an open Internet.

The Solution

To overcome issues such as jittery network traffic, packet loss and to deliver high quality, video content 24/7 over the Internet, service providers are constantly looking for robust, reliable network appliances that are designed and built for the next generation IP video delivery. Lanner’s intelligent video delivery solution combines customer’s patent technology for video streaming with Lanner’s expertise in network computing so that optimized, high quality video can be offered by way of running multiple streams in parallel through low-cost public Internet VPN tunnels over standard network connections.

This video delivery solution is built upon a “Server and Client” architecture in which one Lanner network appliance is deployed at the source (transmitter) and another one is deployed at the destination (receiver) of a video stream, such setup allows the leverage of a robust algorithm, or in other words, an on-demand packet recovery technique that stores live video packets, monitors the packet lost status and performs packet recovery if and when necessary. This technique greatly improves the video quality with jitter-free images and minimizes the number of packets that need to be resent and therefore reduces the bandwidth and infrastructure overhead. Furthermore, this platform allows for the deployment of multiple VPN tunnels over several “receivers,” making available point to multiple point connections for enabling parallel content delivery for multicast users.

The high-availability of this flexible video delivery architecture can be further strengthened by adding multiple sets of transmitter and receiver over the public VPN Internet connection. This backup set takes over and resumes video streaming when errors are detected at the primary set; and seeing as it runs over public network connections, it offers cost advantage for network infrastructure when compared to lease line implementation.

The Result

Depending on what is required, there are three ideal Lanner products for building the aforementioned intelligent video delivery system, and they are the FW-7541, a 6-port fanless desktop appliance, the FW-7582, a 1U rackmount Core i3/i7 network appliance and the FW-8758, a 1U rackmount Core i7/i5/i3 network appliance with redundant power supply and expandable modules. All these appliances are known for their performance and reliability when handling packet delivery in a VPN network environment.

Lanner has always been known for its hardware know-how. And when such technical expertise is integrated with partners’ or customers’ strength in software development, Lanner is capable of manufacturing the most reliable and powerful network appliances for the next generation video delivery solutions that feature two major competitive advantages: a) optimal video streaming quality and b) cost efficiency.

About Lanner

Lanner is a leading OEM with more than 30 Years of experience designing, building and manufacturing embedded and network computing hardware. From x86 rackmount systems to wide-operating temperature rugged industrial hardware, our appliances cover a diverse set of popular and niche applications.

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