WAF vs IPS: What’s The Difference?

Whats the difference between WAF vs IPS

One of the most valuable assets (if not the most) of a company is its information and also its systems. People who are dedicated to being “computer thieves” also know this, so they try different methods to attack our company networks and access our valuable information. The types of “weapons” to carry out cyber-attacks have …

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Stateless Vs. Stateful Packet Filtering Firewalls: Which is Better?

Today we live in the age of impending danger for every device capable of interfacing with the internet. Ingenuitive malware, determined hackers and the ever-increasing attack surfaces present, not just in computers/phones, but the innumerable  “smart” devices (IOT) has become a modern-day concern that has to be dealt with by the vast majority of individuals …

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