School Bus WiFi

School Bus WiFi

We have all given into the idea that commute time is generally wasted. We listen to music, but day in day out, whether headed to the office or school and back home again, we wasted countless minutes and hours a day to going back and forth.

A school bus router attached to an access point which redistributes the WiFi signal to everyone on the bus can address this issue. In a school where laptops are given instead of textbooks, long rides home become productive time, where kids can utilize the commute to do homework, or at least search the web.

The technology behind this type of application is straightforward. The hardest part is to find hardware suitable for the transportation environment. The hardware has to be tested for shock, vibration and in most cases need some sort of extended temperature setting. To generate an access point, the IPC would need a way to communicate to the outside (WiFi or 3G) and the ability to take that signal and generate an on-board signal.

Many Lanner products would be suitable for this kind of application. With an extra PCI or PCIe slot most of Lanner’s IPC can be outfitted to become a router and access point for WiFi. With 3G access our hardware can convert a 3G signal into a WiFi signal for onboard WiFi. The LVC-5000 helps you do just the same.

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