Versatile vCPE Platforms Accelerate SD-WAN Deployments

Versatile vCPE Platforms Accelerate SD-WAN Deployments

SD-WAN is becoming the most anticipated WAN Services today. According to the latest Gartner Report on WAN Edge Infrastructure, in next 5 years more than 90% of WAN edge infrastructure will be based on vCPE platform or SD-WAN versus traditional router for managing network connectivity and resources from distributed branches to data center and the cloud.

SD-WAN Service Deployment Options

Currently, there are several deployment methods available for the enterprises to deploy the vCPE and SD-WAN service:

Virtualized Network Functions (VNF) stage – The topology of network infrastructure becomes software-based and virtualized. At this stage, enterprises start to adopt vCPE solutions and VNFs provided by their SD-WAN vendors. As all the networking functions are virtualized, enterprises already save a great deal of costs in both maintenance and investments. Noticeably, MPLS service providers still play a significant role at this stage.

vCPE with Open-Source Software – At this stage, open source software solutions, such as Open Stack, are compatible with Intel x86 white box vCPE server. This is one of the widely adopted form of NFV architecture. A single vCPE can run multiple open-sourced, third-party VNFs. This is a paradigm shift as enterprises are no longer bounded by specific vendors.

Cloud OTT Application — Leading communication service providers may establish cloud OTT (over-the-top), which functions like home-entertainment subscription manner. In other words, network functions are delivered through cloud OTT applications, while enterprises subscribe to the functions they need. This is considered as the future of cloud and SD-everything.

Conventional Approach with Proprietary Sets – In this type of deployment, a proprietary, each network function, like EPC (evolved packet core) or routing, is performed by a specific, proprietary hardware device. In other words, one device serves one function. This is an extremely “close-sourced” approach, since both hardware and software are relying on a specific SD-WAN vendor, as well as the maintenance and security know-how. This approach is still around today, since many enterprises have already adopted proprietary, dedicated hardware and software packages for years.

Advanced Proprietary Sets – This is a self-explained version of the last approach. As enterprises have expanded their operations, more networking functions have to be included. In fact, advanced security and VoIP must be integrated. Some enterprises may adopt Intel x86 platforms to extend their network services.

vCPE platforms designed for versatile SD-WAN deployment options

With more than 30 years experiences in serving worldwide tier1 customers for customized network platforms, Lanner is well-equipped for delivering NFV-optimized vCPE platforms consolidating compute, routing, firewall, SD-WAN and WAN optimization.

We have been involved in SD-WAN deployment methods; from designing dedicate network appliances for managed service providers, to building NFV-based platform for hosting VNFs from multi-vendors. These vCPE platforms have been adopt by world-leading SD-WAN solution vendors, from traditional WAN optimization companies, communication service provider, to software start-ups and cloud-based services.

Lanner, the Leader in SD-WAN and vCPE platform

According to the latest Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report on WAN Edge Infrastructure, among 20 of world’s leading SD-WAN solution providers, Lanner’s vCPE platforms have been successfully deployed in more than 55% of the leading companies.

With multiple successful deployment cases of our appliances in diversified client environments, Lanner vCPE devices are highly customizable to meet customer demands in enterprise networking hardware and to build a better network platform for the businesses they serve, resulting in accelerated time-to-market and reduces time needed for validation.

About Lanner

Lanner is a leading OEM with more than 30 Years of experience designing, building and manufacturing embedded and network computing hardware. From x86 rackmount systems to wide-operating temperature rugged industrial hardware, our appliances cover a diverse set of popular and niche applications.

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