Cost-effective Enterprise vCPE Platforms

Cost-effective Enterprise vCPE Platforms

Great technological advancements from the telecom industry are finally primed and ready to move into the enterprise sector. The massive network functions virtualization project is improving everyday bringing carrier-class networking on commodity x86 hardware.

Up until the coming of SDN/NFV, Communication Service Provider have had to rely on specialized and often proprietary hardware installed at the customer premise to enable reliable network communications technologies.  This allowed for cost-effective network appliances great at  predetermined tasks and where ideal in the early days of computer networking. Nowadays, in these increasingly agile businessmen environments, flexibility, functionality are becoming deciding factors in many enterprise CPE deployments.

Purely software-based platforms offer the ultimate flexibility in WAN connectivity, instead of being tied down to expensive MPLS lines, advanced SD-WAN network overlays allow for the use of commodity internet lines while keeping a viable QoS. This flexibility combined with the infinite capabilities provided by third-party VNF’s creates a solution that’s ready to tackle the increasing network demands of tomorrow.


Enterprise vCPE Hardware Selection

Running vCPE’s on existing IT infrastructure is an option for a lot of companies, but in many cases not the most cost-effective or reliable method to deploy.

vCPE hardware should be extensible in configurations to easily enable cost-effective deployments, configured with enough power to future-proof possible business applications. They must be capable of running a large suite of current and developing  VNF’s ranging from network security virtual appliances, to basic routing.


Lanners Flexible Enterprise vCPEs 

All of our CPE platforms come with Intel quick assist crypto to enable end-to end encryption technologies with low-impact on resources. Our CPE units come with optional Gbe bypass ports and/or IPMI functionality for full remote management. The Network appliances themselves can be personalized from simple color schemes to component level customization.

Entry level vE-CPE

The FW-7525 is built using standard x86 Intel c2000 atom processors offering reliable and efficient always-on computing. Useful in small branch deployments where a single appliance can take care of network security, corporate WAN, and basic network functions. The fan-less design provides unbeatable reliability, and the optional bypass ports enable full remote management functionality ideal for centralized control.

Midrange vE-CPE

The Up2010 offers extensive I/O, crypto-acceleration and standard low-power x86 processor in a 1U rackmount form factor. Built in packet processors allow for a cost-effective integrated switching solution with Optional redundant power supplies for high-availability in corporate environments. This allows businesses to replace most of their outdated equipment with a single cost-effective, high-availability appliance.


Maximum Perfomance:Watt – Intel Xeon D Enterprise vCPE 

With Virtualization taking full effect, deployment options are now as flexible as they get.  Using the latest Intel Xeon-D based network hardware provides cost-effective server-class performance for volume deployments, such as enterprise branch WAN. Intel Xeon D offers immense multiprocessing power, with best-in-class power efficiency – perfect for creating future-proof vCPE solution.

The NCA 4010 uses Intel Xeon-D processors that provide up to 8 cores and a total of 32GB/2400Mhz ram able to cover a wide range of resource intensive applications and Virtual network functions (VNF’s). Housing an expandable NIC module slot supporting 1/10/40G/Fiber/Copper/Bypass configurations with Optional IPMI/OPMI integration for a truly robust remotely managed system.

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