A secure and flexible IoT gateway for Smart Cities

A secure and flexible IoT gateway for Smart Cities


The success of the internet has initiated a technological shift in society. Hobbyists, small businesses and enterprises alike seek to leverage the seemingly limitless capabilities of internet-enabled technology to facilitate and optimize every aspect of our lives.

However, the technology is still maturing and many technologies and standards are available for low-powered IoT devices. Security is also a major concern, with last years hijacking of insecure internet cameras and DVRs being used to launch a DDoS attack that saturated one of the largest anti-DDoS cloud solution vendors. Choosing the right hardware platform, wireless technology and correct security practices will mark the difference for a successful IoT deployment



devices and communication technologies
IoT device chain illustration

A compact platform with robust wireless Input/Output options for the myriad of low-power technologies available. The only way to effectively implement this flexibility is through standardized expansion slots.

Cryptographic assistance/acceleration for creating secure VPN tunnels and encrypting communications end-to-end. This ensures that hackers or compromised devices snooping in on the network cannot read or manipulate the gateway and-or data in anyway.

Low power usage and capable computing power for implementing edge computing applications. The gateway needs to be able to manage connections and temporarily store information for potentially hundreds of devices.


The Solution

The NCA-1010 is a compact gateway platform with multiple Gbe ports, and expansion card slot; this enables the implementation of a diverse set of wired and wireless communication (through a miniPCIe module). IoT Wireless Technologies like Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, LP-WAN, 4G, NB-LTE can all be added through the expansion slot. It includes an opening for an external antenna- extending the range of wireless technologies.

The NCA-1010 features an Intel Atom E3815 or E3825 bay trail processor, featuring intel’s built in hardware crypto acceleration – AES-NI. This enables software to offload computing onto the cryptographic processor, opening up the CPU for other tasks- or more compute-intensive applications(i.e edge analytics).

It also features an HDMI output useful for digital signage applications, extending its usefulness and enabling highly integrated solutions like: Passenger information displays, Live IoT sensor augmented maps and much more.

All of this in a compact form factor with fanless design, allowing a set-and-forget deployment. The fanless design leads to a more reliable system capable of 24/7 operation, and it’s compact design is easy to install in many environments and existing infrastructure.


The Result

Secure IoT Infrastructure
End-to-end encryption helps remove any immediate risks from prying eyes. Hackers will have a harder time hijacking vulnerable IoT devices behind an encrypted gateway.

City Wide Sensor network Deployment Possibilities
Using Low-power wireless technologies, IoT gateways can communicate with hundreds of sensors in a given area.
A connected city, ready for fully automated public services, driverless/autonomous transportation(both commercial and public), with full seamless integration with any internet-based technology (cell phones, computers, tablets, web browsers, etc) .

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