The Integrated Data Communication Platform for Power Substation Management

The Integrated Data Communication Platform for Power Substation Management


In order to strike the right balance between maintaining the most reasonable cost and ensuring the strictest facility management, system automation is usually depended upon for facility monitoring and process control. The key for successful substation management therefore lies in establishing efficient communications between control centers and off-site automation systems.


Device interoperation is the foundation for establishing efficient communications. Seeing as most power substations are consisted of numerous automation devices and sensors from various manufacturers with different communication protocols, it is imperative that an intelligent system must be the one device responsible for control consolidation, asset monitoring and data transmitting. Having such centralized system in place not only improves facility management efficiency but also ensures operation security, preventing potentially damaging consequences as a result of power outrages.

Power SCADA is a system designed to provide control of remote equipment. The intelligent system for power substation management must fulfill the following requirements:

Flexible and expandable I/O interfaceI/O interface such as serial COM ports for interoperation and multiple LAN ports for real-time data communications are needed for bridging protocols between different automation devices and for sending data to the control center. The appliance used for this monitoring system therefore must be configurable, for different substation settings, and flexible and customizable via a multitude of different I/O options.

IEC 61850 and China Electricity Certificate IV Level certifiedTo ensure seamless communications between various device protocols, the computer must be compliant with certifications such as China Electricity Certificate IV Level and IEC 61850, the international standard for the design of electronic substation automation.

Rugged design with port isolation protectionsTo withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments, this product is ruggedized with fanless design, a broad operating temperature range and EMI immunity from its isolation I/O.


Lanner’s LEC-3230 was eventually selected as the ideal hardware for this integrated substation communication system. The LEC-3230 features a powerful Intel Core i7 CPU and up to 10 serial COM ports for connecting up to 20 intelligent control, security and monitoring devices, including environmental monitoring devices for lighting, water, ventilation and air conditioning and security system for fire alarm and entrance access control.

Positioned as a rugged industrial gateway, the LEC-3230 is certified with LEC 61850-3 and China Electricity Certificate IV Level. It supports a broad temperature range, from -20°C to 55°C and features ESD/surge isolation protections on serial COM ports. What’s more, the LEC3230’s lifespan is extended by its solid, fanless and dustproof hardware chassis; it also comes with a dual power input and a screw-locked power plug for reliable and secure power connection.


A range of expandable I/O modules, such as optional 4+4 GbE LAN ports, 4+8 GbE LAN ports and 2+8 or 2+16 isolated serial COM ports is made available for the LEC-3230 so that it is capable of meeting substations’ deployment requirements.

By fully integrating this substation’s control, automation, monitoring and protection system in one device by way of Lanner’s LEC-3230, a power communication gateway, the said city government is now able to monitor facility conditions for enhanced security and responds with promote and appropriate actions, when necessary. Such setup also makes real-time access to SCADA data possible and reduces maintenance expense and operating overhead.

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