Optimal SD-WAN Deployments for Communication Service Providers

Optimal SD-WAN Deployments for Communication Service Providers


SD-WAN has been one of the hottest and fastest-growing technologies in the networking industry for the past years, and the main reasons include ease of deployments, simplified maintenance and management, and the cost reduction. For communication service providers (CSPs), SD-WAN presents a revenue opportunity as they have been encountered with increasing demands for SaaS (software as a service) applications and cloud-based services, which have become a burden for their bandwidth and traffic routing. SD-WAN provides the agility and flexibility to enable CSP with the enhanced bandwidth to meet the pace of today’s networking demands.


A leading fiber optic communication and telecommunication equipment solution provider in China collaborated with Lanner to co-develop on-demand, ubiquitous SD-WAN topology in their network infrastructure to enable carrier-grade reliability and high-availability. The SD-WAN solution from both parties will allow the decoupling of hardware and software, thus enable the flexible allocation of resources, agile management by software, unified instructions across hardware devices, and most importantly, cost-saving. SD-WAN can be deployed on existing WAN architecture and leverage the use of standardized, white-box server, and therefore, reduce the expense in hardware investments.

To construct a software-defined network infrastructure, the SD-WAN solution shall consist of the following technological requirements:

Multiple Gigabit LAN connections for MPLS integration

The required SD-WAN solution shall provide multiple Gigabit LAN ports to connect and integrate MPLS protocols, fiber optic, Internet and 4G/LTE for WAN routing.

Application-Aware, Performance-Optimized and Visualized

An optimal SD-WAN architecture is programmed with application-prioritization instruction, like Dynamic Path Selection. The instruction allows critical applications to go through the optimal network path so that performance can be greatly boosted since traffic is routed through the least intensive channel.

Comprehensive Security

Security is one of the most essential elements in SD-WAN infrastructure. For CSPs, the SD-WAN must be secured in firmware, hardware and software layers.

Leverage on Existing WAN

The application-prioritized SD-WAN can leverage existing WAN architecture, such as DSL, broadband, cable, and 4G/LTE, to reduce hardware investment and dependence on MPLS.

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Zero-Touch Provisioning allows both hardware and software to be pre-programmed so that deployment becomes a plug-in installation. This will shorten the deployment efforts and time. In fact, policies and instructions can be downloaded instantly for upgrades.

High Availability

To ensure high-availability, redundant power supply is essential to run SD-WAN in a 24/7 manner.

Lanner’s Solutions

In this collaboration, Lanner supplied a wide range of SD-WAN hardware white-boxes to fulfill various WAN optimization applications. For instance:

  • Advanced Security: Covering measures like BIOS related Secure Boot/Boot Guard, Hardware Root of Trust (TPM), and cryptographic acceleration engines such as Intel® DPDK and Intel® QuickAssist Technology,
  • Server-grade high availability, NCA-5510 provides 300W 1+1 ATX redundant power supply.
  • Fiber optic support; NCA-5510, NCA-1510 and NCA-1515 all provide multiple fiber Gigabit ports.

Lanner’s NCA-1510 and NCA-1515 are designed for small office or branch office setting due to its compact form factor. For large-scale, multi-WAN architecture, NCA-5510, powered by Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family, is the optimal solution for performance-demanding applications. In other words, NCA-5510 is built to deliver supreme networking performance. Powered by Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3/v4 series CPU (Haswell/Broadwell-EP), NCA-5510 supports registered DDR4 memory at 2,133 MHz frequency and capacity up to 256GB. The hardware feature set will optimize data processing in virtualization and carrier-grade SD-WAN infrastructure.

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