Enabling DPI-enhanced SD-WAN Architecture and Network Deployment

Enabling DPI-enhanced SD-WAN Architecture and Network Deployment


More and more Cloud-centric enterprises are realizing that SD-WAN and DPI together prove to be a powerful combination for not only delivering application-based network performance and for improving efficiency, but also for cutting costs and for increasing business sustainability.


Lanner received a hardware solution inquiry from a customer who was considering moving their enterprise applications, some of which include CRM, Email, Billing and Payment to the Cloud in order to reap the benefit of a more robust network infrastructure.

This customer specifically pointed out the following goals they wished to achieve by way of deploying a DPI-enhanced SD-WAN IT system.

1. Having a hollistic visibility into network usage

2. Having a complete control over bandwidth

3. Having a clear insight into performance metrics

4. Having a network traffic with end-to-end encryption


The NCA-4020, a 1U x86 rackmount network appliance built with the Intel® Xeon D-2100 8~16 Cores Processor (codenamed Skylake-DE), offers powerful networking processing capability, higher throughput for virtualization applications, up to 128GB DDR4 2666MHz REG DIMM. NCA-4020 offers enterprises and small businesses a workload-optimized, easy-to-deploy solution with ecosystem access for delivering a large number of optimized virtual network functions (VNFs).

Featuring 10x GbE RJ45 (8 Port PoE+), 4x 10G SFP, Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) and Intel® QuickAssist Technology (Intel® QAT) for improved network performance, the NCA-4020, a verified Intel® Selection Solution for uCPE, delivers significant performance enhancement in running multiple virtual network functions VNFs in SD-WAN, reduces testing and validation efforts, and accelerates time-to-market deployment.


Having deployed their DPI-enhanced SD-WAN architecture using Lanner’s NCA-4020, this customer succeeded in:

1. Obtaining high-level DPI statistics that provide visibility into any and all unsanctioned web activities, suspicious network traffic patterns and unauthorized device usage.

2. Measuring bandwidth latency and detecting network bottlenecks and thereofore ensuring QoS for critical enterprise applications such as VoIP and video conferencing.

3. Directing the active SD-WAN policy engine in order to proactively implement traffic control over network routing, application/service prioritization and policy enforcement.

4. Providing an end-to-end encrypted network traffic therefore preventing deep-packet metadata from being extracted and used for application detection.


DPI and SD-WAN are complementary in the sense that a SD-WAN deployment with DPI integration provides Cloud-centric enterprises with unmatched control and flexibility over network traffics.

Lanner has since been approached by others looking into acquiring suitable hardware solutions for deploying DPI-integrated SD-WAN networks as part of their effort in migrating from on-premise to the Cloud.

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